Gone Forever... Why? - Part 1

by Jakiebabe

Hey guys! so I wrote red and I am going to take some advice from one of my parts and write about a new thing.

I woke early that morning, excited to get to the barn.I jumped out of bed the minute I woke up. I don't know why but I felt a little eager to get to the barn today. I just longed to see Charm. I wish I could drive because I would have been there at 5 instead of 7.

"Mooooom!" I called across to her room.

"Whaaat!" she replied aggravated.

"Are you almost ready?"

"Ready, for what?" she asked sleepily.

"TO. GO. TO. THE. BARN!!!!"

"Kailey!!!!! It is 6:30!!!"

"Fine I will run there!"

"I am getting up just give me 10."

"You can drop me off at the corner and I can walk."

"OK, let's go."


20 minutes later my mom pulled to the side of the rode, kissing me as if in a dream.

"Pick you up tonight. Are you staying til after dinner again?"

"I have homework, so I guess not. Pick me up at 5ish?"


As I started walking towards the farm, I heard her tires squeal and I saw her wave in my direction. When I arrived in the driveway, Ms. Kelly was nowhere to be found, so I headed to the barn.

"CHAAARRRMMMM!!! Charmy?" I called out.

I knew he hated the name Charmy, but I do it when he is in a DEEEP sleep.


When I got to his barn and look inside, I didn't see charm, all I saw was a VERY teary eyed Scott. Scott is my boyfriend and I love him dearly, but seeing him in my horse's barn alone and teary-eyed made me tremble and it took all my strength in the world to walk over and talk to him.

"Scott? Where is Charm? Why are you here? AND most of all why are you crying?"

"Kay." He said exasperated. Probably from crying.


"I am SO sorry."


"Charm, he- he- uh."

"SCOTT! Talk to me."

"Kailey, I am so sorry I would have done anything."

"What happened!"

"Charm- he- he- he is gone, he ran away, I saw it happen. I am SO sorry, baby."

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May 11, 2011
by: malina girl

hey its me your bff. so i want u to ppppllllleeeeeaaassseee keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 08, 2011
Good Story
by: Carrigan

I love the plot, I love your story one thing you could do better is try to say peoples name more, Like You only said Kailey's name once and you called Kailey's mom just 'her mom' you could give her a name like Mrs. K or something otherwise keep writing can't wait to see more!

May 07, 2011
by: Kaitlyn aka Horserider

I think this will be a great story! Nice.
Next time add some more detail. But its a great story!

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