Godsend - Part 1

by Lydia

****This is inspired by Jessica Marie Forsyth, an amazing rider who died doing what she loved. ****
The character is named Jessica because she is so much like the REAL Jessica. This story is completely fiction.

I walked to the kennel with my best friend, Andrea Mills. Her long, silky brown hair was in a bun, her gray eyes shining brightly. I pulled open the door and walked in, observing the inside of the place. There were many, many rows of dogs, barking and putting paws on the cages, just hoping their owners were there to pick them up from this strange place. I looked around. Claire Sheen, the owner of the kennel, was no where in sight.

"You ready for summer?" I yelled over the howls of the dogs. School had let out just yesterday.

"Girl, I've been ready!" Andy shouted back, laughing.

Suddenly, Miss Sheen appeared from the back door.

"Sorry girls, I was taking out the trash. Y'all ready for work?" Miss Sheen called over the dogs, in her Southern accent.

Instead yelling again, Andy and I just nodded. We were getting paid to walk dogs twice a week! We followed Miss Sheen down a long row of cages, each occupied by one or two dogs barking frantically at us. We stopped at a chestnut bloodhound with drooping eyes, and next to it's cage was a rottweiler.

"Jessica, Nuttie, the bloodhound. She hasn't been out for a walk in a long time. Haven't had enough time. Andy, you take the rottie. Her name is Daisy." Miss Sheen ordered, handing us both leashes. At the same exact time, someone opened the kennel door, sounding the small bell in the upper corner of the door. Someone to retrieve their dog?

Miss Sheen half jogged back to the counter to attend to the customer. Andy and I hooked our dogs to their leashes before going out the back door. We began walking across the field, filled with long grasses, though we stayed on the cleared path, just in case. Andy struggled with Daisy, who kept trying to run after the little white butterflies, while I kept Nuttie under perfect control. My parents always thought I had a way with animals...

My thoughts were interrupted by Nuttie lunging after something. I stand corrected. Running with her, and trying to correct her at the same time was difficult. Finally, with one last step, my legs went under me, and I released the leash in surprise. I got up, dusting myself off before running after the bloodhound. Andy kept up behind me, urging the ignorant Daisy forward. I went into the woods, still following after the dog. If we lost her, who knows what would happen!

You could hear the bloodhound's yelp echo throughout the tree. She barked and yelped excitedly, just like a true hunter. I caught up to her, and gasped at the sight. Tears formed in my eyes.

In front of my was a grown strawberry roan horse obviously on it's death bed. It's clearly once beautiful coat was matted with mud and leaves. On it's leg was a gun shot wound, that didn't get proper care. The mane was tangled, and filled with twigs.

Andy got to the sight. She too gasped.

"Oh, Jessica...Who would do such a thing...?" Andy asked, horrified.

I shook my head, walking up to the poor horse. I took my baggie full of sugar cubes I had with me all the time. Carefully, I plopped one into my hand and held it up to the horse's mouth. Relieved, the horse sniffed it, and surprisingly, ate it.

"Andy, run to my house. Inside my parent's room, on their desk, there's a first aid kit. Then go to my room and get the horse grooming supplies. Get an apple from the kitchen, too." I ordered, stroking the horses neck.

Andy nodded and ran back to the kennel with the two dogs to follow what I had said. Suddenly, I felt stupid. How could I save a horse? Especially one as mangled as this one?

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May 11, 2012
Hi Lydia
by: Unicorn

First of all, I love the title of your story. The story itself has many strong elements - a pacy plot, good detail, and strong characters (I especially liked Mrs. Sheen's accent, it makes her stand out). I feel so sorry for the poor horse and can't wait to see what Jessica does to save him!

The first line could be spiced up a little bit with a touch of detail or a strong emotion, but overall, I really like this story. Please write more!


writer of:
El Cheapo parts 1-4

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