Given A Chance - Part 1

by Jordyn

As Marcy walked in to her barn she heard the whinny of her beloved horse Comet and then another one that did not sound like their three other horses with its high pitched shrill. But who could that be thought Marcy they had four horses in all, she knew this was not one of them.

She walked down to the last stall where she heard it come from and their it was a majestic gelding and a note that said “I know you will take good care of him his name is Wind Dancer.”

The horse was as dark as night with white socks and beautiful blue eyes that looked like magical crystals this was an odd horse Marcy thought she had never seen blue eyes on a black horse before. It was about fifteen hands and looked about two years old it had a big build of a draft but it still was condense like a thoroughbred.

Marcy ran up the steps of her small ranch house in the town of Rander Ville. She burst through the door to see her seventeen year old sister Mikayla her five year old brother Tyler Marcy was the middle child at fifteen. Her mother Nancy jumped at the sudden slam of the door and said

“What happened is one of the horses hurt?”

“No” said Marcy out of breath

“Then what is it Marcel?”

“There is a horse in the barn” said Marcy while handing her mother the note

“Oh My Gosh” said Nancy

Nancy started off at a dead run to the barn with Marcy, Mikayla, and Tyler trailing her. When she entered she heard the high pitched whinny from the horse and ran to the end of the small eight stall barn. When she saw the majestic horse she gasped,

“He is so beautiful”

“Yeah” Mikayla said who did not like horses very much but still knew a lot about them. Ever since she turned fifteen and got more interested in boys she hadn’t touched her horse Jazzy.

Tyler was standing there with eyes wide open and an over exaggerated look on his face that he always did for some reason and asked

“Can we keep him can we keep him PLEEEEAAAASEEEE?”

“Yeah mom can we keep him?” Marcy asked

Marcy knew her mother was going to say no she always made an excuse that they didn’t have the time or money for animals. But she knew that her mother just didn’t want to look like an animal hoarder. Besides they already had six cats’ eight dogs and twenty chickens along with their four horses and people always gave them weird looks when they walked in town.

Her mother had her thinking look on and everybody was still after a moment of silence her mother said.

(This my first story so comments and suggestions would really help)

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Apr 26, 2013
by: Elizabeth

This is Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!Moreeeeeeeee!!!

Feb 02, 2013
more :)
by: Anonymous


Jan 17, 2013
by: Dawn

NNOOOOO cliff-hanger need more story. this is awesome!!!!

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