Ginger: Book 1 - Chapter 1

Just so you know it takes a few days to think of a great story for my book. I finally thought a little while and I got it!

Hi, my name is Ginger. I live with my friend Tom, a tri-colored paint. I am a flaxen chestnut shetland pony. I live along a river. I am 2 years old and Tom is 4 years old.

"I wish I had an owner." Tom said when he was a little foal he was with his mother. His mother had a owner and the owner sold him and he ended up galloping out of his pasture but, he couldn't remember anything else.

I was walking along the river. When I heard a voice say " Hey, what are you doing at my family ranch". First I didn't know what a ranch is but, I heard Tom talking about one before.

The voice didn't come from another horse. It came from a human. I thought the river wasn't even close to a human. The important thing was it was to dangerous to be near a human. The human ran away and a few minutes later the person came back and brought a strange red rope with a clip at the end. He also brought a harness Tom wore when I first met him.

He came closer to me snatched my head. He put the harness over my head. And clipped the rope on the harness and lead me to a big red building. He lead me in to it and put me in a big box filed with straw and a bucket full of hay. I tried it. The taste was familiar to grass but it tasted a little bit dry.

That day my whole life, I lost Tom, I lost my entire habitat and got a smaller habitat. I hope nothing bad is going to happen to me.

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Dec 31, 2010
that was great
by: Daisy

i like the way u had it in the horses point of view though, it could have more detail like explain what he/she sees in the big red building or what he/she passes on the walk to the big red building. very good ideas though nice and enjoyable to read!

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