Ghost Horse - Intro and Part 1 (please comment or no part 2!!)

by Doree

Skylar Brinks is a rebel 15 year old teenager, sent to live with her Aunt Callie's rescue farm
while her mom is staring in a movie in Hawaii.

She soon discovers not everyone is what they seem
After finding a dead mustang on the road
she soon discovers that somebody is shooting at the wild horses and she must stop them before its too late for her and her beloved mustang and his family - is Ghost next? Who is the killer? Find out in this all new exciting book, Ghost Horse.

Chapter One

"Skylar Brinks, come on! You're going to be late for your flight." Mom's exasperated sigh made me feel a bit bad for taking so long but I pushed it aside. I clumped down the stairs and folded my arms against my chest fixing a glare at mom.

"What on this earth are you wearing!?" Her eyes flew wide open, I smirked.

"This is in style," I said gesturing at the skin tight strapless leather top that showed a stripe of my stomach. My knee high leather boots glittered in the sunlight and the belt I wore on my mini leather skirt had spikes. I glanced in the mirror as I pasted by it. My black hip length hair was in a ponytail, a black leather hat on top. I wore black lipstick, and heavy eyeliner.

Mom pinched the bridge of her nose and breathed heavily.

"Go change. Now," I shook my head.

"No Lynn. Your dumping me at Callie's for a couple months so I wear what I want."

"It's Aunt Callie to you, and I'm Mom and you know why I have to. I have to film a movie, you know you can't come."

I frowned and stared mom down. She was beautiful, her black hair was shorter than mine and her skin was more olive than mine. She was an actress and I usually stayed with my friend, Kendra, but Kendra and her family were going to New York for the summer and I couldn't go.

I grabbed my backpack, leaving mom to get the heavy bag. I slammed the car door, and leaned against it frowning. She got in and started the car. We headed towards the airport.

"You have your ticket right?"

I scowled and double checked my pocket. "Yes, yes I do."

Mom pursed her lips and glanced at me. "Listen, if you stay out of trouble for 3 weeks, than maybe you can come to Hawaii. While I'm filming you can explore. Since that's what your best at." Joked mom, smiling at me.

"Skylar, is it a deal?"

I nodded, "Okay. I'll try," I didn't try to get into trouble most of the time. It just happened.

"We're here. Do you want me to come in or??"

"I can do it myself," I snapped coldly.

"I love you Skylar, I'll see you later okay?"

"Whatever." I closed the door and got my luggage.

I watched the red suburban drive away. I felt a burning in the back of my throat but I pushed it back. I walked inside and glanced around.

Everybody was rushing towards their planes or finding seats. I walked up to the sign above an archway saying Flight 56. I glanced at my ticket, it was my flight.

A lady with red lipstick and her hair up in a bun smiled at me as she took my ticket. She handed it back to me and I walked inside. I found my seat on the plane and stared outside. I was going to Texas. I closed my eyes as the flight began.
I fell into a deep sleep.

A horse galloped into a field when I was running myself. It urged me towards a mountain. The horse whinny a loud pitching whinny, I tried to follow but I kept getting left behind. The horse was frustrated. It whipped is tail angrily. Its dapple gray rump spun and it galloped away.

"What are you trying to tell me?" I called out. It didn't return.

"Miss, come on the flight is over," I heard the flight attendant shaking me awake, I blinked sleepily.

"We are there already?" I asked yawning. She nodded and walked away. I got my stuff and headed to the waiting area. I was going to see my Aunt Callie I hadn't seen for 5 years. I was 10 then, I had a horse I use to ride all the time. It looked oddly like the one in the dream.

I just couldn't remember his name, all I knew was he was a stallion and dapple gray.

"Skylar?" A disbelieving voice said. I turned and stared at Callie. Her dark brown hair hung at her shoulders, her brown eyes filled with confusion. She looked so much like dad I almost cried. I bit my lip than stared at her.

"Hey Callie," I said softly.

Her eyes were still wide. I knew what she was thinking, last time she had saw me I was a happy little girl, a smile always on face and I wore bright tee shirts. Not black like I had worn lately. I brushed my long bangs out of my face as I blinked up at her.

"Are we going?"

"Yeah, here let me take that," She grunted and took the bag. She was short, like me, and skinny. I had gotten that from her.

"What's that?" I asked pointing at the rusty red truck which looked like it could fall apart anytime now.

"That," Said Callie as she heaved my suite case into the dump truck, "is old Betsy."

I scrunched my nose up and scowled as I climbed in. I shoved remains of McDonald's into the back.

"It's messy in here." I stated as she climbed in and started up the truck. It gave a groan and a heave then started.

"Get used to it Missy. It's how it is. I'm a 30 year old lady, unmarried and I have a 16 year old boy working for me. What do you expect?" She gave me a pointed look than turned onto the high way.
I stayed silent for a moment before asking, "How far to your farm Callie?"

"First of all, it's not a farm. It's a center for abused and neglected animals. Second of all, it's Aunt Callie. Like it or not, that's who I am. Third, you will pull your weight around the farm. And lastly, it's only about 10 more minutes."
I pursed my lips into a straight line.

"You stick your bottom lip out any more a little birdy's going to come by and poop on it," Smiled Callie teasingly. I rolled my eyes at her.

"I'm FIFTEEN not six."

Callie snorted silently. I looked out the window and something caught my eye.

"What, what that's that?" I pointed at black dots far away.

"That's wild horses I think, we have quite a few of them around here." Callie opened her mouth to say something else but snapped it shut. I glanced questioningly at her, raising my eyebrows.

"We're here!" Exclaimed Callie smiling,
I looked around. I old sign hung above the drive way. I squinted barely being able to read it.

Second Chance for All

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Mar 13, 2012
Part 2!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

NEED PART 2!!!!!!!!!!! THIS STORY IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ POST IT!!!!!!

Mar 13, 2012
by: Doree

No, I wasn't trying to do that at all!! It gets different later on, I was just writing it for fun :)

Mar 12, 2012
by: Lexi

PART 2 PLEASE, GREAT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 17, 2011
by: TG

Hi. I like this story, but no offense or anything, but it sounds kinda like The Phantom Stallion. I'm not trying to say that you're copying, just making connections! ☺

Nov 14, 2011
by: horsecrazy#1

This story is awesome. I would LOVE to hear a part two!!

Dec 03, 2011
Part 2!!!
by: Kelly


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