Getting over it but falling in love again!

by Daisy

Dear Horse Crazy Girls,

I want to tell you my story and why I’m so madly in love with horses!

It all started when.............

I was about eight years old. I really super badly wanted a horse. And when I seen him I wanted him I just knew he was the one for me! I got him and I was so happy I never left his side! We loved each other and when I finally got the nerve to ask “mom can I go to horse camp?” She said “yes” and off I went it was the biggest mistake of my life yes it was fun but I missed him and all I could think about was him and all I ever talked about was him! I got home and asked “mom where is my horse?” She said we would talk after dinner but I didn’t want to wait I asked again “mom where’s my horse?” She repeated herself “we will talk after dinner.” “NO!” We can talk now! Her voice is at a gentle whisper now. All she says is “He’s gone I stayed with him till his last breathe.” I looked at her and yelled “You’re lying!” “It’s not fair!” Then before she could say anything I was running as fast and as far as I could go! When I stopped I found myself under our tree.

I lost track of time and before I know it I’m watching the sun rise around dawn. I figured my mom would be worried so I get up covered in dirt and tree bark wow I think there is even some bird poop on my shoulder! I look around last time. What’s that in the bush I think it’s a horse she comes out and I already know she’s a mare just by looking at her. She’s a copper color and her mane is short but very beautiful. I look at her, her big brown eyes are so gentle. She sniffs me and then turns to run and now I know I have to stay one more night to meet this mysterious mare at dawn again. That night I dream of galloping on this copper color mystery mare. I wake up and sure enough there she is my mystery mare. Watching me sleep. This time she lets me touch her before she leaves now I have no choice I’m getting hungry and I have to face my parents sooner or later so today’s the day I sleep in my own bed but I will be back every morning at dawn to meet my mystery mare. I go home and sure enough my mom is happy to see me its weird though without him and my secret sessions with my mystery mare are going well but I haven’t rode her yet. I’m getting excited because I have already brought my halter out and we are getting so close to riding one more session before we run!

To Be Continued...

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Jun 02, 2016
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

That's really awesome!

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