Get Over It! - My real life story with my real life pony

by Unknown

I got my first pony, Dexter, in early October 2010. I love him and still to this day we have such an unbreakable bond.

It was a few month after Dexter's arrival when I'd bought him. I had my tenth lesson on him, and he was brilliant. My instructor told me to test him out on some of the basic dressage movements and he corrected them all. Halting, walking, trotting, cantering. We even went a little galloping.

Everyone says I'm a brilliant rider because of my balance and straightness in the saddle. I could gallop with no reins, true, but I'm not as good as they or even you think.

It was nearly the end of my tenth lesson on Dexter when my instructor suggested, "Take him over that little jump." I was shocked. I couldn't jump! Sure I'd jumped a few times, but I fell and knocked back my confidence! What was I going to do? Take the plunge? Or leave it? All of my friends from the yard were watching closely, so I couldn't chicken out! Not now.

"Come on," my instructor urged. "Leg, leg, leg, leg!!!" Dexter wouldn't budge. It was absolutely not his fault, it was mine. I did kick him but it was a brief, small and unnoticeable nudge. I pulled on his reins. I knew he was thinking: "Hey, your telling me to go but then your telling me to stop... whats going on!!??"

My instructor suddenly got out a riding crop and offered it to me, but I was off!

As I and Dexter approached the jump, I thought, "You learn from mistakes." Everyone told me that! Not just instructors, friends and family, but teachers from school too. In fact, I realized my pony told me it.

I took in a deep breath, shortened my reins, relaxed, clung on to a chunk of mane and...
I was over.

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Mar 01, 2011
by: Unicorn

You go, girl! Well done for swallowing your fear and riding on! You took the leap and a wise person once said that many of life's failures come from pulling in one's horse when he is leaping, both literally and figuratively. I'm sure you'll go far with Dexter.

Happy riding.

Feb 27, 2011
by: moonstone

totally cool i luv it. r u gonna make up a part 2?!

Feb 24, 2011
what happened
by: Anonymous

what happened next?

Feb 23, 2011
by: Daisy

WOW I admire you, I could never do that! I'm just starting to jump I'm having my first lesson wen the snow starts the snow melts so it's not as cold! If you have any advice I'd love to hear it from you since you have been through that! WOW I'm still shocked I could NEVER do that!

Mar 05, 2011
Good job!!!
by: Horserider

I love hearing stories like this! Were people conquer their fear, and just go for it! One of my riding friends had a few bad falls while jumping, but now shes scared and does not ride anymore. I wish she would be like you and just try again!

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