Geronimo - Part I

by Rayna
(Mesa, AZ)

This is Geronimo!

This is Geronimo!

Claire rushed into the kitchen in tears on her last day of school. "Claire! Are you alright?" Asked Claire's mother. "Claire what happened!" "It's okay mom. I'm fine." Claire began. "It's Tilly. I think we may have a new addition to the family!" Claire exclaimed hugging her mom. "Oh That's wonderful! I'll go get your father! You go get changed and meet us in the barn!" Her mother said. Claire quickly raced upstairs, changed her shirt and pants, got on her riding boots and hat; and she raced down the stairs. "Bob." Claire heard her mom calling her dad. "Mom. He's plowing the fields! I'll go get him!" Claire smiled and squealed to herself. "We should name him Trigger, or Geronimo!" Claire thought. When she reached the crop field she shouted"Hey Dad! Bob! Hello! Tilly's in the barn! Come quick!" And Claire ran towards the barn. "It's okay Till!" She comforted her mare. Tilly was a 4 year old 15.5 H.H appaloosa/Morgan who had recently been adopted by Claire's family for Claire's birthday. Little did they know Tilly was pregnant at the time.
After the birth of the beautiful foal Claire ran inside to look up names on the internet. "Admiral, Afterglow,All My Heart , Ace..No...Nothing seems to fit!" Claire thought aloud. she read on "Amazing, Glory, Morning, Areo,Lysine..Bell..Believe.." Claire began to get frustrated. "Mom!" She yelled trudging outside. "What is it? Colt or Filly?" Claire asked smiling at the young foal. "I don't know Bob? You check it." Claire's father smiled. "Look like we got ourselves a colt here!" Her dad laughed. "Yes! How about the name Geronimo mom?" Claire asked. "Please please please!" "Okay. Hello little Geronimo!" Her mom teased the colt.
When Geronimo was little over a year old, Claire began to ride him. One day Clair tacked young Geronimo up that day and she took him for a trail ride on her property. When the trail ride started after Clair made Geronimo trot, He began clicking his tongue and pawing the ground, and flaring his nostrils. "It's okay boy! I know this run down old trail like the back of my hand." Claire comforted Geronimo. Suddenly he began thrashing his neck until he shook the reigns loose from Claire's grasp! Geronimo began to gallop, dragging Claire by her stirrups! Claire managed to free herself, but the only question left was "Where is the horse!" Claire frantically searched left and right, but the horse was nowhere to be seen. Claire searched through her bag for her home made horse whistle, but she had left it at home. "Geronimo!" Claire called. She got up, wiped the mud from her face, and followed the deep hoof prints in the soft mud. She followed them all the way to a large patch of grass where Geronimo lay chewing a piece of bark from an oak tree. Claire did not know this was poisonous. "Hey! Geronimo! Come on you naughty horse!" Claire scolded grabbing Geronimo's bridle. Claire slowly mounted him and thought, "Maybe I should do a trail ride with Tilly instead." When Claire was a little less that 20 minutes to her house, Geronimo suddenly fell to his side crushing Claire. Claire managed to free herself, but she looked into Geronimo's eyes only to find a blank feeling less stair. "Oh no!" Claire cried grabbing out her cell phone. "MOM! Geronimo! He's hurt! We're by Cave Creek trail!" And she hung up the phone. "It's okay Geronimo! Mama's coming. Hang in there big guy."

Claire comforted her horse.


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Aug 05, 2010
by: Anastasia

you're a good writer, good job! :)

Jul 18, 2010
part 2
by: Sydney

yes, we'll wait for part 2!

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