by Bandi

My days with horses were the best, I share my stories, Horses are so inspirational. It is like they have angelic forces that surround them. In my days with horses. I had per say many fall in my lap. I guess God had a lot to teach me and through horses God taught me a lot. I once acquired a horse named Gentleman Sir, I learned a great deal with my time with him. Like "were there is a will there is a way" and "can't never could but can goes a long way."

He stood in a unshelterd corral about two years, Blanketed winter and summer when I found him. When the people who had him removed the blanket his hair came off with it. He was blind in his left eye and he walked actually leaning to his right.

He stood 15hh, broad face, strong legs. His hooves were long but a big old man he was. He lacked a great deal of nutrition and his true color wasn't clear. But blond mane and tail he had. He lacked a great deal of confidence as well. I had a great deal of work ahead of me.

I doctored his rain rot that took his hair.. Got a farrier to fix his bad feet.Called in a horse dentist to float his teeth,Filled him with good nutrition. After a few weeks I began to teach with natural horsemanship. To me the best form of teaching especially for him. The only way he knew was right, because left was out of sight.

He didn't even know his left existed. Until I brought it to light. Starting at a walk and a cue of my foot and teaching a great amount of trust. He learned to turn left without any fuss. Though for so many years Sir had felt like a un-normal horse.

After a few weeks and months, Sir was able to transition easily to the left from a walk to a trot to a lope. His muscles began to fill out and finally his true color emerged to a beautiful red roan. At 16 years old . The old man had bloomed.

Sir became the gentleman he always wanted to be and the best gentleman I could have ever known. Though in time I had to part ways with gentleman Sir. My time with him I'll never forget and a great deal I learned.

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