Gallops Forever

by Megan T
(Pennsylvania, USA)

This is Teddy!

This is Teddy!

I absolutely love horses and forever will. Ever since I first got a small plush horse from my grandmother I have been horse crazy. I ride an American Paint horse named Ted. His show name is An Obvious Bear (cute huh?). I ride him in lessons and trail rides at the farm were I take lessons and I also compete with him in dressage shows. He's really lazy in the ring but super energetic on the trail. Even for the smallest twigs he wants to canter and leap over them! I love him all the same.

I love horses so much. I feel as if I have this special connection with them like I know exactly what they're thinking and they know what I'm thinking. One of my biggest obsessions with horses is how they move. The are so muscular and yet so gentle and lithe when they move. They can be fierce and gentle at the same time. It's really magical. Hope you like reading what I have to say about horses!

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