galaxy's biggest horse lover

by whitney c.
(Arlington, Tx, U.S.A.)

i took this picture in southern texas

i took this picture in southern texas

I don't know why I am so horse crazy... ever since my mom took me to a horse farm to ride (she used to ride) and i fell in love with them! They are so beautiful and elegant and when i ride them it's like i'm flying! I don't know what it is about them that makes me so crazy over them but whatever it is i have dragged my friends into it to! And if i ever hear somebody say that they are stupid I always tell them that they are way smarter hen humans! And of course they always say "well they can't read or write and they don't go to school" and that makes me always even madder!

I always try to defend horses no matter what. And i have even started a group with my friends and we help stop the slaughtering of horses. The horses that were being killed there weren't even old or sick, they were fit horses and some of them were even just fillies and colt's! But i have moved and I don't have my friends anymore but i still try to help.

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