Gaelic Farm - Part 1

by Nastia

White Destiny

White Destiny

Chapter One

It was a cold, frosty morning as the sun rose behind the 20 stalled barn of Gaelic Farm. The Irish Draft horses were all tucked into their stalls waiting to be fed. 13-year-old Kat Redroke was still in bed, dreaming of prancing around on her horse, White Destiny. It was the morning of the County Fair, and much had to be done before the family could head out.

"BEEP! BEEP!" Kat's alarm clock screamed as she awoke on the crisp fall morning. She stretched and got her barn clothes on, eager to start the day right. She pulled on a vest, her boots, and her breeches. As she grabbed an apple off the counter, her mother came downstairs.

“Kat, you need to eat something,” Her mother complained.

“Mom,” Kat explained waving the apple around, “I have an apple,” She dashed out the door before her mother could say anything more. She jogged down to the crème barn, and threw open the door. A couple horses stuck their heads out of their stalls. She walked to the end of the barn, and opened a stall door.

“Good morning, Destiny,” Kat said as she crept towards the animal, “I brought you something,” She held up her breakfast in front of the horse. Destiny took a cautious step forward, then another, and another. He grabbed the apple and chomped down on the whole thing.

“Good boy,” Kat said stroking his nose, “Now, I have to go feed the other horses. Don’t worry; you’ll get your food, too.” She closed his door, but opened the top of the door.

Kat wheeled throughout the barn feeding the horses and cleaning their stalls. She put all the other horses outside, except Destiny. She tacked him up and climbed onto his back. She clicked her tongue and trotted out of the barn. Kat trotted into the ring, only to see she was sharing her lesson today with her least favorite person, Ash.

“Kat, Ash, today we are going to be practicing a coffin for cross country,” The trainer, Ms. Nordic, instructed, “Ash, please proceed,”

“My pleasure,” Ash said as she sneered at Kat,

“Time to watch a true equestrian,” She landed the coffin perfectly, making it look incredibly easy.

“Kat,” Ms. Nordic motioned toward the combination of jumps, “Your turn,”

“Yes, ma’m” Kat cantered toward the coffin. Her take-offs were shaky but she managed to get over the jumps and ditches OK.

“Now, Kat, what was wrong with your take-offs?”

“Um, they were early?”

“Correct,” Ms. Nordic turned to Ash, “Ash was perfect. Flawless, I should say,” She nodded toward Ash, “She will go far,” Ash beamed and I sank into the saddle.

“Sit up straight, Kat!” Ash sneered. She and her black Irish Draft, Gumdrop, stayed behind to talk to Ms. Nordic, but Kat trotted off to the side of the ring. She hopped off Destiny, and slumped on the ground. Kat checked her white watch and sighed. Only four hours until she got to leave for the county fair.

At nine A.M, Kat trotted miserably out of the training ring, and she un-tacked Destiny with a dark cloud hanging over her head. The rest of the cross country training hadn’t gone well. She fell twice, forgot to give Destiny a command to jump so he refused, and had been told by Ash to sit up straight for more times. She sat in the tack room and started to scrub Destiny’s saddle and bridle in a huff.

“Need help?” A voice asked.

“Natalie!” Kat dropped what she was doing, and got up to hug her friend.

“Are you ready for the fair?”

“Yes! Destiny and I are going to kill!”

“Not if Paris and I win first!” She winked and picked up the bridle. After a grueling hour of scrubbing, Natalie went to go take care of her Draft. Kat went to her room and got her competition jacket on. She scrubbed her boots and took a shower. Then, she packed an over-night bag for the fair, and grabbed a tent for her and Natalie to sleep in. Finally, she packed up Destiny’s tack, loaded her horse in the trailer, and climbed into the truck. They were finally going to the fair!

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Sep 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

I like it! The pics are nice!

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