Funny Horse Ride

well one day i went to my friends house and she and i and her mommy went to her sisters house and then her sister let me and my friend ride the horses but when we went on the horse me and my friend had to ride on the same horse at the same time and then when my friend was falling she didn't want to fall so she grabbed my hair and i fell down with her she landed on a rock and the horse was rite next to us and my friends mom was terrified of horses and she wanted to help us but she couldn't go next to us and it was funny.

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Feb 28, 2012
by: Regan

Trust me, riding only gets harder! But try your best and you will be rewarded!! It's SO much fun!!

Sorry but falling off doesn't hurt less no matter how many falls you have done:P

Feb 14, 2010
Did That Hurt
by: Damieka

I am just now learning to ride a horse and I fall down a lot. I know that it hurts when you first start but does it hurt once u have fallen a few times

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