by Mulina

I love playing horseland and I think its a great thing that there is a jr player versian so kids of all ages can play it. But I think it would be nice if you could have a "special" type of horse that you can completly costimize yourself. It could be maybe 500c and than you get to use a paint like thing with different colors, that you could put on the horse. Than something you could use to mix them so it looks a bit more natural than after you get all its colors you could type in its height like 15.3 hands than after you do that you could make it part unicorn or pegasus. That brings me to something else I think it would be nice if you could have breeds that are part unicorn part normal horse with the horn otherwise its not much different than a normal horse. Another thing is they should really make the Pegasus a ride able horse. The last thing i have to say is its a little tricky to get enough money to keep your horses fed,so wouldn't it help if you could sell your horses back to the store and there was a special thing called "horses sold by other players" so you could get some extra money without the hassle of finding someone to buy your horses.

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