Fun in The Sun Horse Party

by Jeriah
(Crownsville, Maryland)

For this party everybody dresses in riding pants and any t-shirt. When everybody gets there your parents bring a bunch of well trained horses.

And for the people who don't know how to ride a grownup leads them with a lead rope and shows them how to sit in the saddle then when everyone is good-to-go everybody gets to go swimming on horseback!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then after about half an hour of that you have a scavenger hunt whoever finds the missing carrot will get a giant sack of carrots for there horses and if they dont have horses dont waist them carrots are yummy and good for you.

Then after you play pin the tail on the horse they eat horse shaped pizzas then play, talk, and chat while their food digests the they have horse shaped carrot cake then the feed the horses and give them their dessert (a bunch of horse treats) then everybody just hangs around plays, find seashells, lays on the beach, swims.

Then when it gets dark some grownups set up the tent wile the others set up a campfire then when everyone is settled we sing songs about horses tell horse stories and roast marshmallows. Then everyone goes to their tent and tries to see who can stay up the longest. Then in the morning we do the same thing then everyone goes home with goody bags.

Well that's my party hope you love it. I really need first prize for my kindle bye!


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