freedom my love my life

by karen
(newzealand )

ive loved my mare freedom since i got her 2 years ago she knows me better than anyone in the whole wide world unlike my family freeds always been there for me shed nudge me and come sniff me when i was sad she'd chase me round when im happy one time i went down to a river i forgot to latch her gate she followed me all the way there i was just coming up out of the water when i heard her nicker there sshe is right there at the edge waiting for me i ride freedom most of the time without a bridle or saddle even though i have 2 it feels much comfortable with a saddle and i feel like freeds enjoing herself more i guess thats natural shes my first horse but five days ago on the 4th of september 2008 she had a colt named daybreak hes a little smarty pants he chases me around the paddock im currently teaching him how to have all fours picked out
email me about the worlds best creature....HORSES

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