freed from the devil in his soul part one

by ashley

diablo ran through the forest the world was still to him he was a stallion. hate and anger it was all he had ever known. diablo suddenly stopped and turned his head look at a old scar that his father was to blame for he was in one of his rages his mother tried to stop him but he was to strong he struck her down with a single blow then turned to diablo and dealt him a with a blow that was the cause for all his anger he manged to get away before his angry father could strike again. diablo heard a noise from the woods he quickly turned ready to attack what ever emerged when a jet black mare came into sight saying so young yet so troubled by pain from the past she had mystic blue eyes but diablo did not notice it who are you he asked his voice no more gentle then if he where talking to his father i am Cassandra what is it from the past that hunts you in the present something that should not be repeated though out the future he answered.

diablo is pronounced dee-AH-blo

to be continued

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Jul 11, 2009
by: Lexy

Good story!

Jun 12, 2009
first time
by: cynthia

hey this is cynthia the author of freed from the devil in his soul i hope everyone likes it it is the first dark story i have made so far and i have made seven four of them are posted here. and don't worry it turns out light casslandra helps diablo let go of his past and he changes his name to demero pronounced dem-ear-oh well i better not tell you any more about it

Aug 01, 2009

This could be a good story but I can't tell because you haven't used ANY punctuation marks and you story is just a jumble of words. Please write properly if you expect someone to read it.

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