by Josh

Note: This story is true and the only thing I've changed is my last name for privacy. I'm a guy, but I hope I'm still welcome here. Awkward... ;)

Chapter One


I couldn't stand them. I hated anything that had to do with them.

It wasn't total dislike for them, or disgust toward them because that's how fifteen-year-old boys should apparently be...


I hate to admit this.

It was fear.

There, I've said it. When I was fifteen, fear was out of the question. Nobody thought I was scared of anything. Everyone thought Josh Evans was a tough guy. All the guys, even some big eleventh graders, admired my hockey and football skills. The younger guys were terrified of me. And all the girls crushed on me.

And then to be scared of horses?

I bet you're all like, what do I even have to do with horses?

A lot, actually.

I grew up loving horses. When I say loving, I really mean it. Like, I totally adored them. I got my first horse, a three-year-old midnight-black Arabian named Forsaken, when I was eight.
Forsaken, because that's exactly what he had been before he was mine.

My mom ran her own little horse rescue, and I loved helping her with it. By the time I was seven I could lunge a horse on my own already. I never knew my dad. I had been born when my mom was only seventeen and she'd had to run away from home, soooo...

When I was eight, I found Forsaken tied up in an ancient stable half a mile from my place. An unknown person had left a typed message on our doorstep about a horse at this old stable that needed help, so when I found that note after school one day I rushed right over. The horse was bruised and cut and sick, terribly neglected. With the help of my mom I nursed it back to health again.

Then one day I lost them. My life fell apart.

Chapter Two

I remember that day as clearly as if it had happened yesterday, or half an hour ago, instead of the actual seven years.

It had been a humid day. It was late July. Storm clouds were ominously brewing on the western horizon, and Mom said that we should put Forsaken in the barn.

She waited until too late. It started storming before she went out. Lightning tore the sky and thunder like I'd never heard before rent the heavens.

Mom told me to stay inside.

I loved Forsaken! I couldn't leave him alone. The second Mom went outside I yanked on my jacket and went out the back door, determined to help.

The scene, like a video stuck in replay, flashes through my head as I write. Like it's done so many thousands of times. Millions.

Mom was standing in the barn, trying to calm Forsaken.

"Mom!" I can hear my scream over the roaring of the thunder, rain, and then hail. "Mom! Let me help!"

Mom looks toward me. "Go back to the house, honey!" she yells.

I shake my head and step forward.


Now everthing flips to slo-mo.

I hear a rending crash, see light and dark as one, see Mom lunge toward me and feel her push my body out of the way, out of the barn, hear nothing but roaring, crashing as the barn falls down around us. Hit by lightning.

Mom saw it coming. She pushed me out of the way.
They found me lying where the barn door had been. I had blocked the exit. Mom was found just inside the door. She could have escaped the heavy falling timber that killed her if I had not been there not block the way.

I hate you, Josh, I told myself over and over again.

Oh, the guilt.

I killed my own mom. If I had stayed in the house, I wouldn't have been in the way. That split second made all the difference. I lost my best friends that day, my mom and my horse. You could say I lost myself, too.

I killed my mom.

Killed her with my disobedience.

Comment if you want to find out how I lost and regained my love for horses... and how I rebuilt my life.

Thanks so much for reading! Stay tuned for more chapters!

Chapter Three

After Mom died, nothing in life really mattered anymore. I went to live with my grandparents in the city and didn't care much if I lived or died. I wouldn't even try to avoid accidents.

I started playing hockey, football, and skateboarding. When faced with oncoming danger or the possibility of an injury, human nature has it to act accordingly and save ourselves. Get out of the way. I wasn't like that after I left the farm. Because of that, I got hurt a lot in extreme skateboarding and other things.

For example, when I was thirteen, I was in a pro skate park that my grandma had taken me to. It was quite full that day, and I guess I was being way too reckless. I hate telling this story. But I need to get it all out.

There was this little guy at the park. About half my size. And that guy was insane at skateboarding! He must have been only about eight or maybe nine... I don't know exactly. I was a little jealous of him because he was so good.

Like hey, I was thinking, when I was that age how good was I? I couldn't even stay up on flat concrete!

That's when it hit me: what I had been good at when I was that age.


I had a gift with horses.

At that thought my mouth went dry. I felt a familiar flood of mixed emotions and flashbacks to the accident.

Another thought hit me: if I hadn't loved horses my mom would still be alive. If I'd never gotten Forsaken my mom would still be alive. I no longer shouldered the guilt alone. Of all the awful things to have done, I transferred some of the blame to horses.

And right there in that big skate park, all traces of my old equine passion left me.

What happened next is almost too awful to say. I had one option left: death would save me from all this awful confusion.

I didn't truly want to die. I've never been a that guy even in all I've been through. I don't know how many of the people who are reading this believe in a heaven and a hell, but I was conscious of the awful life I was living and didn't want to take any chances with hell.

So what was I doing cruising top speed at the park's biggest, most dangerous jump? I was going much too fast. There was no way I'd come out of that jump unhurt.

I did get hurt, and pretty bad. I had a major concussion, two broken ribs, a broken left arm, fractured leg, and four broken fingers, and a ton of scrapes and bruises.

That was nothing compared to what I heard when I woke up at the hospital three days later.

Apparently, I had landed right on the little guy, the one that was such a good skateboarder. He had a lot more injuries than me, and I couldn't name half of them. I remember that he had a broken neck, though. The paramedics who came to the scene figured he wouldn't pull through the night, but the tough guy did; and that's not all: he also made a full recovery faster than me.

Which is great.

But still, I felt awful. I was trying to hurt myself, and I ended up hurting not only myself, but also everyone else involved. Not just the little kid, but my grandparents and the kid's family too. It's never easy hearing your child just had an accident. Never easy seeing them hurt. Helping them recover. Paying hospital bills. And on and on.

It was just another burden to shoulder. Another weight to bog me down. I'll confess there were times when I cried. Who wouldn't? I remember nights deprived of sleep because of the guilt and crying. Deep down I knew not everything was my fault. But I just couldn't seem to convince myself. I would literally scream at the wall in my pain and anguish. Oh God, was it awful. Why me?
I was desperate. I needed something.

Hockey tore me away from reality in the winter; football in the summer. I threw my heart into it and quit caring about my grades as soon as I hit high school. Teachers didn't like me, unsurprisingly.

But it wasn't enough just to play sports. I needed to heal through something else. A friend. Talking. Crying. Letting it all out.

But I couldn't cry like I could when I was 13, no way. My friends were rough football players. On the outside, I was too tough to let out the pain ripping me apart inside.

I tried to forget how much Forsaken had helped me when I was little. I blotted those memories out to the point where I didn't want to think about Mom anymore.

Then my big chance came.

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Dec 01, 2021
by: Bailey The Horse Lover

I love this story! It is so good! I love how it turned out! I am so glad you wrote this and I am so glad that I read this! It encouraged me so much about how God will never give you a trial that you can't handle! Keep writing!

Apr 14, 2019
by: hundreds of horses

You're gonna start a new story?? Looking forward to it!!

Apr 07, 2019
by: Warhorse

Hey Josh, I would love to see some pictures of your horse. Maybe you can post some on here?

Apr 02, 2019
And BTW..
by: Anonymous

Howdy Parker! I totally agree on horsecrazyguys.. then it'll be our turn to feel awkward! You and josh are a nice balance to all these girly-girl stuff.. I'm a cowgirl, interested in getting to know cowboys not dating them! :)

Apr 02, 2019
Ah! so good!
by: God Belivn Cowgirl

This is the best horse story I've read in for-ever! and it all really happened..! Puh-lease keep going! Also, if my hill-billy slips out just ignore it lol :) I try to reply as often as possible, but I don't have internet so i have to do it at a library or something.. I admire your promptness and ability to keep going cause I DO NOT have that as y'all have noticed.. nervous chuckle.. :)

Apr 01, 2019
News flash!
by: Josh

Seeing all the support I got, I decided to share another story about my life after the move, naming my horse, and meeting my dad. It probably won't be quite as eventful as my first book, but it's my story and I can't change it. Stay tuned!

Apr 01, 2019
by: Warhorse

Your story is awesome! But as always it kills me when I get to the end of any story! I always am the one to think "What happens next?", as no one's story is really finished. Will you continue to post on here?

Apr 01, 2019
by: Aria

This was so good! Hope to read more from you!

Mar 29, 2019
by: hundreds of horses

Love this. Keep going!

Mar 28, 2019
by: Josh

This story talks about my friend. I should've explained this, my friend from the place I live now. The Parker mentioned in Chapter 11 is someone different from my old city.

Mar 28, 2019
Chapter 12
by: Josh

Chapter Twelve

Grandma survived.
You won't believe how relieved I was! I'd been preparing forthe struggle ahead of yet another trial.
The only thing to mar my happiness was, Grandma couldn't liv by herself anymore. I tried to protest, tried to say that I was at home, so why couldn't I take care of her?
"You're not 18. She's taking care of YOU, not vice versa. What about school?" they said.
"I could quit school," I said hopefully.
"No" was the flat reply. "Besides, you still won't be 18 until 2020. So forget it."
And so it was decided that I had to go live with with my mom's sister and her family, some people I barely knew at the time. They lived ten minutes out of a city twice the size of the one I was living in now, which also felt like a million miles away from my current city. I had to stay there until I was at least 18. Eighteen was starting to feel like an exciting age. And it felt like years until I'd achieve that age.
When I heard I was going to live with Al and Sophie Carter (not their real names) I'll admit I panicked a little. There were a trillion questions zinging around in my head, all of which I asked Aunt Sophie.
"What about school?" I asked.
"You'll transfer to one here. My son Jordan is the same age as you, so you'll be in the same grade."
"Is there a football team there? Hockey?"
"Yes. Volleyball, swim, track, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, baseball…you name it."
"I have a horse. Can I bring him?"
"Of course. We've got a huge stable, ten acres of pasture, and four horses Jordan has trained. We love horses."
I felt a smile spreading across my face. Ten more days and I was moving. I didn't care that I had to give up my status as captain of the hockey team- I could win that back later. I for sure didn't care about leaving my teammates. I didn't have friends here really anyway.
I was so happy I went straight to tell my horse the news.
I parked the car on the yard and climbed out. The late spring air was warm and fresh and smelled good. I walked over the soft carpet of fresh grass to the gate and paused a moment to look up at the vast expanse of azure blue cloudless sky.
Then I whistled softly.
My horse's ears perked up and he trotted toward the place I was standing,coat gleaming in the sun and muscles rippling beneath it.
He stopped and sniffed my outstretched hand hopefully.
I laughed. "Sorry boy, I didn't bring you anything." I stroked his velvet nose softly and he nickered gently.
I opened the gate and let myself in, then walked toward the tach shed. He followed me.
The tack shed was dark, but sunlight streamed when I opened the door, shining on the dust that made me sneeze violently.
I grabbed a halter and slipped it over my horse's head. Then I climbed on.
He promptly bucked me off.
I got up laughing. "Oof, that hurt!" Then I got back on.
I rode him out of the pen and over to the barn. Ij had to go there one last time.
I slipped off beside the heaps of broken timber and walkedd over to the huge beam that killed my mother so many years ago.
I gasped when I reached the spot.
Wild roses had sprung up among the rotten mossy boards and in their center was a single white rose, standing out among them.
I bent down and touched its fragile petals- as fragile as a life is. I looked up at the sky and thanked God for my life. He had never given me trials that were too hard to bear. And through all my accidents, he spared me. He must have a purpose for me, I thought. I would try to live my best from now on.
I knew my mother watching from heaven, was proud of me.
I almost picked the white rose, but stopped. I couldn't pick it. I left it and went to my horse again.
"We're off for a better life," I told him joyfully.
And it was true. I didn't know the half of how good it would be! Jordan is the BEST cousin/brother ever. I was privelaged to meet Parker, a guy who loves horses as much as Jordan and I, maybe more! I'm playing hockey and football again, and teach riding lessons to kids two days a week. My aunt and uncle have been the parents I never really had.
I dedicate my life story to my family, friends, readers, and overall, God. I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for you all. And if anyone's struggling with anything, be it big or small, just remember: God will never give you trials too hard for you to bear. Sometimes my problems felt like they would overwhelm me, but I survived to tell the story. Stay strong. The best is yet to come.
Life isn't perfect. It hasn't been for me. It hasn't been for you. But it's good.

~The End~
Josh Evans

Completed March 28, 2019 at 10:19 p.m.

Mar 22, 2019
Chapter 11
by: Josh

Sorry for the late update! Thanks for the comments, horse name ideas, and training tips. Never Broken is an awesome name.
Here goes...

Chapter 11

My horse showed up 2 months later. Grandma had the police look into the case and it turns out he was stolen. I was so thankful when they found him.
I was chilling in the den watching TV and drinking Pepsi when I heard the doorbell ring. Grandma wasn't home, so I had to get the door.

As I got up I couldn't help but wonder what was going on. Nobody ever came to visit Grandma without calling her first, and she never told me anything about someone coming over. It wasn't my friend Parker. Parker wouldn't knock.
I looked out the side window and gasped.

It was the police.

I opened the door, shaking. "Hello?" I said, half a question and half a greeting.

"Is this the home of Sarah Evans?" one of the two men asked.

"Yes, I'm her grandson, I replied.

"There's been an accident."

Accidents ran in the family.

"Grandma?" I whispered.

Mar 04, 2019
I don't have the words...
by: Sally

Your story is AMAZING. I don't know what else to say, the fact that you went through this and made it through it even with some large bumps along the way is amazing. I probably can't relate but I can say that you should definitely post it on wattpad so more people can read your story. If you're still lost on names for your horse maybe for a show name or something you could do Never Broken.

Mar 02, 2019
by: josh

Thanks a lot for the tips, Horse_crazy_girl_Elin and Warhorse. They really helped!

Feb 27, 2019
by: hundreds of horses

horsecrazyguys sounds awesome!! 😂😂😂
That really should be a thing!

Feb 26, 2019
Horse training tips
by: Warhorse

You said your horse bucks playfully. Well the way I handle bucking horses (and trust me I have had my fair share of those) is when they start bucking pull their head around (with a bridle or halter) until their nose touches your knee and hold it there the best you can until he settles down. Most horses can't buck or run with their head turned around like that so that is a good way to stop them. Once they settle down turn them in circles the same way you had their head turned. You can also back them up. Horses really don't care to back up, it is a form of submission for them so if you need to get a horse's attention and get them focused on you, back them up. Eventually your horse should get the picture. Bucking = more work. Like someone else commented earlier, Clinton Anderson does have some really good techniques as well so if what I told you doesn't work (every horse is different so don't get discouraged. Different techniques work with different horses), try his way.

Feb 25, 2019
by: Josh

Parker you're so embarrassing lol... We need to start a website called horsecrazyguys. I go to school with parker btw, everyone.

Feb 25, 2019
by: Aria

You have an awesome story to tell, Josh! You really should post it on Wattpad--I would definitely read it there. :)

Feb 25, 2019
Some training techniques
by: Horse_Crazy_Girl_Elin

Hey so u said your horse bucks playfully? I totally know what you mean, my last horse I had did that all the time. At first I thought it was fine since she was just frisky and all but eventually she started to buck for real and that’s when I decided it was time for me to do something especially so cuz she was half Ardenais and she was HUGE! One day when I took her out for a ride she started bucking and threw me. I hit my head on a stump and ended up with a concussion. Well a few days later I had gotten over the trauma and I looked up some training methods. Minton Anderson's came up and I tried it. I will be ever grateful I did since it worked soooo well. U should look it up. I guarantee you’ll get great results:) Hope I helped 🙂

Feb 21, 2019
love the story
by: parker liam

Hey Josh! Best story ever! I can't wait to know how your hockey year goes! Btw I'm a fellow guy so you don't have to feel QUITE so outnumbered ;)

Feb 19, 2019
Good name
by: Horse_crazy_girl_Elin

I think that name sounds awesome!!!

Feb 18, 2019
by: Josh

Chapter ten already! Wow is this getting too long for anyone?

God Belivn Cowgirl: Thanks for the suggestion about getting my story published! I'm not too sure about an actual book until I'm a bit older. Would Wattpad be ok? Let me know!
Everything and anything about horses, SpritGirl, and hundreds of horses: Thank you so, so much for your continued support on my story! If it weren't for readers, my story would never be told...
Anonymous: I love your horse name ideas! I love them all, Loki for Avengers especially. The last two, Desert Storm and Prairie Dust, are also awesome.
Horse_crazy_girl_Elin: Thanks for the support and the horse name ideas. They're awesome, and yeah I love Sherlock too! Gosh how do I ever decide:)
Warhorse: Thanks for offering to help me out with my horse! Do you (or anyone else,too) have any ideas on what to do with a horse that likes to buck playfully?? I've learned to ride them out, but it's still a little frustrating. Like, do you punish them for having fun? They need to respect you.
On to the story! I couldn't get everybody's names on here personally and trust me, I didn't pick favorites. Just random people who commented.

Chapter 10

I didn't even think about what I was doing when I yanked my phone from my pocket and commanded Siri to "call Grandma."
It was only after a few rings that I realized it wasn't the best thing to be calling her in the early hours of morning, away from home.
I hear a click, then, "Josh! Where are you!?"
"At the farm. My horse is gone," I say, trying not to sound as panicky as Grandma does.
"Whatever are you doing out there?" she asks.
"I wanted to see my horse. He's gone though."
The panic subsides a little, and I think she's catching on to the reason why I drove out here. "Did you check the fence?"
"Every inch of it," I say.
"The gate?"
"Closed and latched," I reply. "He's gone."
"Come home, and we'll decide what to do," she says.
I hang up the phone and walk slowly back to the car, wondering how my horse could have possibly escaped. There wasn't much possibility he'd jumped the fence; it was too high and besides, why would he need to escape?

Sorry for the short chapter... I'll write a longer one soon!
xd josh

Feb 14, 2019
Best true story ev-er!
by: God Belivn Cowgirl

Your story is amazing, Josh. It actually makes me feel these strong emotions! Not many can do that to me. Your story is amazing. Get it published, cowboy! And dash-blast it all, dont stop writing!

Feb 13, 2019
by: Everything and anything about horses

This just got SOOOOOO .AMAZING. And I cant wait to for the next chapter!Please post it soon!

Feb 13, 2019
Thanks for the AWESOME story!!!!
by: Anonymous

Hey I just wanted to say I LOVED LOVED LOVED your story and I’m so glad your faithful about continuing :) some people on this sight aren’t :( u said u wanted horse names well here’s a few I like.

Loki ( from avengers, duhhh:)
Hidalgo ( I LOOOOOVE the movie:)
Desert storm
Prairie dust

I may think of a few more. We’ll see :)

Feb 13, 2019
Some names
by: Horse_crazy_girl_Elin

Sherlock ( I’m absolutely obsessed with that character :)

If I think of another one I’ll comment it:) oh btw, when u choose a name could u tell us what it is? Thanks :)

Feb 11, 2019
it's me again (cringe!)
by: Josh

I think I might call him Undeniable!

Feb 11, 2019
by: Josh

90% of the comments on here are mine, yikes! Thanks so much for the horse names...they're all really awesome!

And thanks for wishing me well with my dad. It's unreal that I'm actually going to get to meet him. It still is hard to believe the stuff Grandma told me. I did a Google search to see if there were any news articles. I didn't fine any, and Grandma said I wouldn't. Not sure why...??

Anyways, a huge thanks to all you for supporting my story. I know I've said this already, and I really, really mean it.

Feb 11, 2019
by: SpiritGirl

Love how it's going! Keep writing and good luck with your dad!

Feb 10, 2019
by: hundreds of horses

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR DAD!!! I hope everything goes well!! Have fun, and may God bless!

Feb 10, 2019
by: Warhorse

Hi there! I commented as Warrior4Christ a while ago but I haven't been following up lately because I am halter training a yearling and breaking in some two year olds to ride so my schedule has been packed lately. Recently looked back on here and saw the add ons to your story. So far so good! I saw your request for suggestions for names for your horse and thought I would give some of my favorites...

Prairie Fire

... If you want more just say the word. I have a lot. Also if you ever need some horse training tips let me know. I will help the best I can.

Feb 10, 2019
love this!!
by: hundreds of horses

Wow! your story is so fascinating! Thanks for posting this! I've really enjoyed reading these!!! As for your horse, I honestly have no idea what you should call him lol! Also, congrats with hockey and football! It's really cool that you're captain on them now!!

Feb 09, 2019
Chapter 9
by: Josh

Chapter 9

Grandma was all sympathy when I got off the ice. There wasn't anything wrong with me, really. Just a shallow cut on my chin that bled a lot.
"Brandon looks like a nice person," Grandma commented on the drive home. "He came right over to you after the game. I saw him glare at the boy who knocked you down."
I snickered. Man, was that Brandon a good actor.
I said, "That was all put on, Grandma. He wasn't very nice to me."
"What did he say?"
"He said, 'Honey, are you ok?'" I quoted, laughing on the inside but not outwardly because my chin hurt.
She raised her eyebrows. "Why'd he call you honey?"
"Just a joke."
Grandma frowned. "Then why was that mean?"
She was right. I decided I was making too big of a deal over nothing. Like, how sissy do I sound anyway? Those kids that used to think I was so tough would really laugh if they could see me on the inside.
I shouldn't have been thinking about it, but I couldn't stop. All those old memories and things of my past were coming back to haunt me.
Late into the night, I still couldn't sleep. I thought about my horse way back at the farm and wished I could go see him. I knew from experience that it did help. I'd just have to wait until tomorrow.
Then the thought struck me: why not go now? I could drive as good as anyone, and I had my full driver's license. I checked my phone for the time. It was just after 12 a.m. I slipped out of bed and yanked on a black hoodie and a pair of dark jeans. I tiptoed down the hall and listened at Grandma's door. Good, she was sleeping. I went to the door and grabbed my lanyard, it had car and house keys. I slid my feet into my Vans sneakers and grabbed my jacket. I was out the door in a single smooth movement.
Once outside, chills ran through my body. Not only because of the cold, but also from the half-excited, half-nervous feelings that come with sneaking out.
Lucky for me, Grandma had parked the car in the street and not right beside the house. Even though it blended in with other city noises, I still jumped at the sound of the engine running. I shifted into drive and was on my way.
The drive was silent in a weird way. I tried listening to music on the radio, but soon stopped because I hated the noise. It was almost as if I were listening for some sound and didn't want it drowned out in music. Of course I wasn't, but it was just the feeling I had.
At last I pulled into the yard. I avoided the barn area. I didn't exactly believe I'd see a ghost or anything, but still…
I parked the car close to the fence and climbed out. I shivered as son as my feet hit the hard ground. Sneakers just weren't the thing to wear in winter.
Gradually my eyes adjusted to the dark. I called softly to my horse.
Then I whistled.
There came no answering sound of hoofbeats.
The pasture was small. I couldn't see any black form in the pen. I searched the surrounding area. Nothing moved. In a panic and forgetting my slight fear of the dark, I dashed to the car and found a flashlight in the glove compartment. Within twenty minutes I had inspected every inch of the fence.
There was nothing wrong with it. My horse couldn't have escaped. In desperation I even went aways into the trees behind the house, but that was freaky.
My horse was gone. Utterly gone.

Feb 06, 2019
What should I name my horse??
by: Josh

Hey everyone! Just some random info about me...
I haven't officially named my horse yet because I want to get a really good name. Any suggestions?

By the way, I get to go visit my dad in March. It'll be the first time I've met him. Wish me luck:)

Also, I got named assistant captain of my hockey team, and I'm the captain of the football team. I'm in eleventh grade now, and with school, sports, and riding, my life's pretty busy. Don't tell Brandon about my story on horsecrazygirls, I'd never hear the end of it! lol...

Feb 05, 2019
Chapters 7 & 8
by: Josh

Hey everyone! I never thought I'd get so many requests for me to finish this, but I sure will. When I searched my story and saw all the positive comments, I got inspired again. You guys are the best!!!

Another thing... any names (of hockey teams or people) have been changed for privacy.

Chapter 7

We were visiting my horse again, and this time Grandma wanted to watch. She stood by the fence while I whistled softly and my horse came trotting up to the fence eagerly. This time he didn't hold back long from letting me stroke him.
When I walked back to where Grandma was, he actually followed me.
"I'd like to try riding him," I said.
She looked worried for a second, but then consented. "Without a bridle or saddle, though?" she wondered.
"I'll only get on his back a little bit," I said. "He probably won't do a thing. I took my phone out of my pocket. "Would you video me?" I asked.
"Sure," she said.
I quickly disabled my passcode so she could get back on easily if she accidentaly turned my phone off, and then I handed it to her.
I walked back to my horse. He stood perfectly still as I placed both my hands on his back. He's a small horse, a little over 14.3 hands, and I'm a tall guy, so getting on smoothly didn't pose any problems.
I put a little pressure on, and he still seemed pretty chill about it, so I vaulted onto his back.
Like I say, he's a little horse, but man, can he pack a powerful buck! All I felt was a lunge, a twist, and then I was flat on my back on the frozen ground. My breath was knocked clean out of me, but I sat up after a minute and nothing seemed to be broken.
"Honey, are you ok?" Grandma asked anxiously.
"I'm fine, I reassured her.
My horse came over to sniff me and seemed almost aplogetic. I laughed and reached up to stroke his nose. After I'd fully recovered, I got ready to try again. I wished I had a saddle, but I didn't right then and my horse still needed to be taught that I was boss, so I got on again.
He stood calmly for a few seconds. I relaxed and hoped that my troubles were over.
Then he was at it again. This time I was more ready for it and grabbed his thick mane with both hands. I rode out three bucks before I was airborne.
I landed harder than the last time. Grandma stopped the video and ran over to see if I was ok. When I was finally able to stand up, Grandma said she wouldn't let me try again until I had a saddle. I followed her out of the pen, dying to see what my video looked like.

Chapter 8

"Hey guys look at this!"
I glanced up from where I was sitting at the bench tying my skates in the arena dressing room. Tonight was our first hockey game of the season, and we were all feverish with excitement.
It was Brendan, our team captain, who had spoken. He was standing by his locker doing something on his phone, and six or seven guys were crowding around him trying to see.
I went back to tying my skates because frankly I didn't care what was on Brandon's phone.
"Who's that?" someone asked, pointing to the screen.
"Shut up," Brandon hissed. "Just watch."
The dressing room fell into silence and I could hear sounds coming from the phone, like they were watching a video.
"Hey, it's Josh!" someone exclaimed.
I stopped short, my skate loosening up quickly. But I didn't care. This was getting interesting. Maybe even just a little too interesting.
Suddenly everyone in the room burst out laughing. A few seconds later my Grandma's voice sounded loudly through the speaker: "Honey, are you ok?"
It wasn't Brandon's phone. It was mine.
The sickening realization of it all hit me: disabling the passcode. Forgetting to turn it back on. And worst of all, leaving it out on the bench for anyone to grab.
Brandon smirked at me. "Got a girlfriend, Josh?"
"That was my grandma," I shot back angrily, feeling color rise to my cheeks.
He tossed me my phone. "That was funny." He laughed, but not in a nice way. Suddenly it felt like everyone in the dressing room was against me. To make matters worse, the buzzer rang right then. My teammates paraded down the hall, leaving me half-dressed. I sat down again and tried to quickly finish tying my skate, but I was stil three minutes late onto the ice.
Coach glared at me. "We'll have a chat about this later," he said through his teeth. I had a sudden awful feeling that this was my last game with my team, the Panthers, though the season had barely started yet.
I didn't live up to everyone's expectations of the hot right winger I was supposed to be. I missed passes and got checked so many times I could hardly breathe. The team we were playing, the Hawks, were pretty tough. Although I had been in the starting line, Coach didn't send me out again until late in the second period. The score at the end of second period was 4-0, Hawks.
I won't go into great deal about the game, because you're here to read about horses and not hockey. But it was probably the most intense game we ever played in the last period. Brandon, the center on my line, refused to pass to me. He got three goals in five minutes, an ultimate record in the league.
We just needed one more goal, then we could go to overtime. Coach sent out Brandon's line, and everyone was hyping about getting a goal. The pressure was really on us now.
The final two minutes passed in a blur; the clock more our enemy than the Hawks. We checked, skated, checked, skated, until we thought we'd drop dead.
Then it happened. I recieved a pass with three seconds left on the clock. I had only one chance: to shoot. I leaned back for a powerful slapshot.
From out of nowhere, a Hawks defenseman barralled into me. It was like a whirlwind, harder than the impact of falling off a horse onto the ground and twice as unexpected. I managed to shoot, but the hit from behind made the shot go wild, and Brandon missed the rebound off the goalpost.
I had fallen to the ground with a crunch, smacking my chin on the ice so hard I saw red. My stick flew from my hands . It was a clean check, but the hardest I'd ever experienced. I didn't hear the buzzer ring to sound the end of the game: we'd lost by one goal.
I tried to sit up. Blood dripped off my chin and soaked into my jersey. Brandon skated over, acting sympathetic. But it was all put on, all false. He stood above me, obviously seething with anger. His face turned to mocking, and before the ref could hear, he spat out, "Honey, are you ok?"
How could anyone say that? It didn't sound that mean to anyone else, but it to me it felt like a punch in the gut. I left the ice reeling.

Feb 04, 2019
by: Horse lover 101

You get plenty of readers I’m sure but even if you don’t get more than 100 a day just know you have one reader (me:) who reads it a hundred times a day ;) so keep going, plz plz plz!

Feb 04, 2019
Keep going!!!
by: Anonymous

I really love your story!!! Please keep on writing!!!

Feb 04, 2019
Don’t stop!!!
by: Horse_crazy_girl_Elin

Seriously still the best story on here! Please, please, please don’t stop!!!

Jan 23, 2019
by: SpiritGirl

PLEEEEEEZE continue! I was just waiting for you to continue :) Don't stop, the story is GREAT!

Jan 21, 2019
Yes please
by: Sydney at

Please continue :)

Jan 20, 2019
Should I keep going???
by: Josh

It seems like I've run out of readers! I'll finish this story if I can get at least one more comment... please someone?

Thanks for your support so far,

Dec 21, 2018
Chapter 7
by: Josh

Again, the previous chapters are posted below, so read from the bottom up to get the whole story in order.

Chapter 7
The trip back to the farm was made mostly in silence. I could have driven because I had my learner's permit, but I chose to just ride. I sat staring out the window most of the time...just thinking. Thinking about all my dad, my mom, my horses, and all the stupid things I'd done with my life. It was sort of easier to bear all the guilty thoughts when I got down to earth and just exepted that I'd done awful things and couldn't take them back.
I know that's what Mom would have done. I liked to think--still do, in fact--that she was somewhere looking down at me, proud of her son. I know I wasn't a son to be proud of at all, but maybe she loved me anyways. Maybe she could forgive the same way Grandma had forgiven her.
We turned off onto the yard and I got out of the truck reluctantly.
"Do you want me to stay here?" Grandma asked.
I shook my head. I was scared I'd do something stupid like cry in front of her. "Nah. Go do some shopping or something," I replied.
She looked worried. "You're sure you'll be ok? Don't do anything that will get you a concussion."
"I won't." I pull my phone from my pocket. "See? I can call you if I get hurt or anything." Seeing the worried look on her face I add, "The battery's at 97%, I've got a very protective case on it, and there's excellent service up here. I'll be A-ok."
She laughed a little. "Your phone isn't everything. But I trust you. Bye honey!"
I watched the truck disappear down the driveway, then turned to look in the direction of the barn. I was surprised Grandma had said she trusted me. Didn't she know me better than that? After expressing my extreme hatred toward horses, who said I'd listen to Grandma, especially when she wasn't even around?
But I found myself walking out to the corrals. I didn't see my horse at first, but it wasn't long before I spotted his figure across the pasture in the far southwest corner.
I wondered what to do. If the horse was wild, should I try to catch him? I stoppes and leaned against the fence that bordered the field, unwillinging to climb over.
The horse sensed me and turned his head slightly toward me.
I couldn't help but whistle like Mom had shown me.
His ears perked up and his body tensed. I watched as he took a few steps forward, then broke into an eager trot.
I climbed up to sit on the top of the fence rails.
The horse stopped about 20 feet from me. I knew that would happen. He didn't trust me yet.
"Hey buddy," I said softly. Of course it didn't make any difference. Horses are different from dogs. They don't necessarily come running right up for attention right off.
But I knew how the process of building trust went. Slowly and gently. If I kept trying, I knew he'd eventually come up to me, close enough that I could stroke him and sing to him. I know that sounds stupid, but anyone who truly understands horses will most likely have sung to them before.
I couldn't help but wonder if I had a chance, too. This horse had obviously been beaten, abandoned, and had all trust shattered. But if I could gain it back, maybe there was hope for me, too.

Dec 17, 2018
Chapter 6
by: Josh

Chapters 4 & 5 are posted in the comments below. Chapter 4 is below chapter 5. Just wanted to make sure nobody is confused...

Chapter 6

I came to again lying face up. Something bright was hurting my eyes and I had a bad headache.
Finally I managed to open my eyes. I couldn't properly, though. There was a blurry form hovering over me, and what must have been the sun was glaring down into my eyes.
I squinted. "," I managed weakly.
The form moved. "What?"
"Bright," I said through thick lips.
I tried to figure out what had happened to me. Maybe a car had hit me? Was it a football injury?
The shadowy figure stretched out its hand to shade the sun from my eyes.
"Better," I said gratefully.
"Do you know your name?" the figure asked.
"Josh," I answered, meanwhile trying to figure out who was talking to me.
Was it Mom?
Right. It must have been Mom.
"Do you know where you are?" Mom asked.
I tried to shake my head since talking was so difficult, but when I moved my head a searing, pounding pain shot through it and I drifted back into unconciousness.

I woke up in a room with lots of lights that contributed painfully to my headache. Once again, my vision was blurry, but now it was more like an out-of-focus camera kind of blur than a film I couldn't see through.
That was good. At least I wasn't going blind.
I heard a voice. It must have been Mom. "He's awake! He opened his eyes!"
I thought hard. What had happened to me?
Then I remembered.
Everything came back to me. The whole skateboarding accident. Hitting the jump. The ground rushing up to meet me. The little kid screaming.
I tried to sit up.
"Stay down. Your head will hurt if you try to sit up," someone informed me.
I obeyed.
"Do you know what day it is?" someone asked.
I shook my head. Who was asking all these stupid questions,anyway, and for what reason?
Slowly my vision was clearing. After a few minutes I could see that I was with a doctor and Grandma, not Mom.
"Is the kid ok?" I asked, scared.
The doctor looked at Grandma, confused.
"Josh, what do you mean?" she asked.
"I hit that big jump," I said.
"Tell me more," Grandma instructed.
I tried to explain, but it came out sounding like, "park…skateboarding…jump…scream."
Then Grandma understood. "He had a skateboarding accident a few years ago," she informed the doctor.
To me, she said, "I'm sorry Josh. That's not why you're in the hospital now. That skateboarding accident happened awhile ago."
I couldn't comprehend this.

Three days later

I was now recovering and could go home from the hospital today. I had gotten a concussion from falling and hitting my head on a rock, Grandma had explained simply. I don't know how or where she found me. It hadn't been a skateboarding accident, though.
The doctor said he wanted to tell Grandma something. He came into the room and talked to her like I wasn't even there.
"…and so this is his fourth concussion. Any more could be fatal. In fact, if this one had been worse, it could have caused death or at least very life threatening injuries. You can't let it happen again. This means no more dangerous activities such as skateboarding. He'll have to give up football and hockey too."
"And horses?" Grandma asked.
"No riding. Josh has to be extremely careful with himself from now on."
My jaw dropped and my hands started shaking.
So this was how my life was supposed to end up.
Did I just say, 'life?'
You couldn't call it a life anymore.
Everything that had made up Josh Evans was now shattered completely. Nothing could rebuild me. I had wrecked it with my own carelessness.
And to make it worse, since I'd thought this had been my skateboarding accident, all the guilt from that felt new.
I just wanted to die.
On the drive home, I put my earphones in and found my favorite nostalgic song. I liked it since it took me into dream land where my thoughts couldn't get to me.
"Don't turn the music up too high," Grandma warned me.
I was too depressed to care. I was in an endless nightmare.
All I wanted to do was wake up.
Wake up in my own bed at the farm. Look out the window proudly at my horse Forsaken. Go downstairs and eat Mom's delicious breakfast, then help her outside with the horses.
The song ended, and with it the dream. I was back in the nightmare…cold reality seeping into my mind.
Grandma sighed and looked at me. "Josh," she said. "I've made my decision."
I took my earbuds out and glanced at her to indicate I was listening.
"I never thought I'd have to go this far," she continued sadly, "but it's time to say that you need help."
"Help?" I asked suspiciously. What was Grandma getting at?
"You ned to go talk with a depression counsellor or maybe join a teen support group."
I was horrified. "Never!" I exclaimed.
Grandma nodded. "I don't want to have to force you, but I'm going to sign you up for something."
"I'm going to run away," I informed her as she stopped the car in the driveway.
"Look at me," she said seriously.
I did.
"You can't run away from yourself." She looked straight into my eyes.
Straight into my heart.
I sat like a stone, frozen under her gaze.
"You've been trying to run away from yourself. Not me. You know that. If you ran away from home, you wouldn't be trying to leave me. You want to leave yourself."
It was so, so true. I didn't want to admit it, but she sure had a point. It wasn't her. It was me.
Me, myself, and I.
"Ok," I said after a pause. "So maybe you're right. But I'm not joining a group or going to talk to talk with a counsellor."
"There's only one option left then," Grandma said. "I'll drive you out to get your horse. Name it. Spend time with it."
I almost choked. That was way worse.
Like way, way, way.
But there was no arguing with Grandma.
"I'll try it," I said.

That's the end of this chapter but there's more coming soon! Hope you liked it!

Dec 15, 2018
Chapter 5
by: Josh

First of all, I'd like to say a HUGE thanks to all my readers and Sydney for this awesome website that I shouldn't even be on. ;D I especially thank Horse_crazy_girl_Elin, Warrior4Christ, hundreds of horses, God Belivn Cowgirl, Anonymous, SpiritGirl, and obviously all you future commenters (if there are any) for your encouraging comments. They mean a lot to me.

Second, and please read this so you don't get confused, [Chapter 4 was posted in the comments so you might have to scroll down a bit so you get the whole story.] I apologize for that and any other mistakes I made.

Let's get on to the story!

Chapter Five

I read the note twenty times until my hands got too shaky. What was going on anyway? I didn't even know my dad lived anywhere around here.

Of course, I couldn't prove it was actually my dad that wrote the note and left the horse here. Like, how was he supposed to know I was going to be back?

I stuffed the paper in my pocket and ran to find Grandma. She was busy cleaning my mom's old room. I sucked in my breath and tried not to notice anything that would make me remember my old life here.

Grandma turned to me. "Josh? Good, you're here. I need help with…"
Her voice trailed off when she saw my face.
"Honey what's wrong?" she asked quickly.
Wordlessly I pulled the paper from my pocket and smoothed out the creases. I handed it to her.
She read it. Then she started crying.
"Josh," she began. She liked to say my name a lot. "I'm sorry I've been hiding it from you."
"Hiding what?" I asked suspiciously.
"Come sit down; I'll explain it," she replied.
I followed her into the kitchen. There was only one chair, so I let Grandma have it and I sat on the counter.
I looked at her expectantly.
"Your mom and I agreed to keep some of her past from you," Grandma said. "It's true that you were born when your mom was only 17, and yes, it was an accident. But your mom never ran away. I got angry with her when she told me she was going to have a baby. I shouldn't have."
I nodded, leaning forward with interest.
"I shouldn't have," she continued, "but I kicked her out."
My mouth fell open in shock. "You…did not…"
Grandma nodded sadly. "Yes, and it was a mistake. Your mother went to live at her boyfriend's -your dad's- house. I didn't hear from her for two years. I was so mad, so disappointed that I had to have a daughter like that. My friends all had nice daughters that lived at home like normal teenagers and graduated high school and went to college. And here I was, a soon-to-be grandma with a drop-out kid who was pregnant with some kid I thought I'd never meet!"
I practically fell off the counter. Man was this some news!
"So anyway, when your mom was 19 she came home. She was beaten, had been abused by her drunk boyfriend, and looked like a total zombie from lack of sleep. After she told her story, I was so happy that she was home, I completely forgave her. I said, 'where's the kid?' She told me that you were at home with her boyfriend. I freaked out because no grandson of mine should be at home with a drunk man. I drove all the way out to the house--it was this house, to get the baby. Turns out there was a different man there. Your mom had gotten another boyfriend and her old one--your father--had sold her the house and then left her. I told the drunk man to leave, and I meant business. I got the cops in there to drag him out finally. But I couldn't find you. I looked everywhere. Then I heard crying coming from the basement. I went down in there, it's quite a creepy place as you know, and I found you in a closet with blood gushing from a cut in your right wrist. The man must have left you to die. I picked you up--my little one-year-old grandson that I'd never seen before. I took you home with me. Neither of us ever spoke to the cruel man again, although we reported what he'd done. After investigations, he was arrested. You and your mom went back to live in her house after a year at my place. We talked and visited each other just like normal families, and I relaxed quite a bit. Your mom got in touch with your dad again and he helped her with the horse rescue."
I gasped. "So it is true that Dad found Forsaken for me?"
Grandma nodded. "Completely. We thought you were too young to hear about your awful past, so we kept it all from you. Each year, it got harder and harder to tell you. Finally we decided to keep it from you for the rest of your life."
I examined my right wrist. A jagged white scar ran across it. Often I had traced my finger over it, wondering what had happened.
And now I knew. It was quite a jolt.
"So you know my dad," I said slowly.
"Yes," Grandma said, nodding. He knew we were selling the house. He has a set of keys to it and three weeks ago he came back to look it over. He thinks he might buy it again."
"And the horse?"
Grandma sighed. "I told Thomas, your father, everything that you were going through. We called each other often--almost every week. Those nights when you'd pace the house or lie in bed crying…I was awake too. Awake tortured by the guilt that came from not being able to tell you that you really could have known your dad. He's such a nice person, Josh. I don't know why he left your mom but he's nothing like the abusive man your mom's second boyfriend was. But let's go back to what I was saying about the horse. Thomas and I agreed together that even though you think you hate horses, they may be the very thing you need to help you heal. So he left you another one to help."

You think you hate horses I said the words over and over inside my head. What did she mean? Horses brought back terrible memories. Of course I hated horses. I didn't just think I hated them
I really, truly hated them.

"Grandma, no!" I pleaded. "Horses will do the opposite of healing. I can never go back!"
She started crying. "Josh, don't you realize…"
I bit my tongue. "Realize what?" the words came out sharper than I meant them to.

"Please try. I remember the gift you had with them. You need a friend. You need to let it all out. I don't mean just by crying, although that is definitely part of it. What you need is a friend like a horse. Someone who won't judge. I know you better than you think, Josh. You would never cry in front of a person. You're too stubborn. You would never admit anything you did or felt to a person. But you become a different guy around horses. I've heard you telling things to horses you'd never tell to anyone else. Please try it! We want to help you!"

"I've got my skateboard. I've got hockey. Football. A guy doesn't need a horse. I'm beyond kid stuff now," I said harshly.

I slid off the counter and stalked out of the kitchen, cold rage seeping through my veins like ice water.

I was back at square one.

You could think about horses; go see your horse. You could be excited that maybe you could meet your dad soon, a little voice told me. And you could pray. God cares.

"Shut up!" I screamed aloud. "I hate my dad, whoever he is! God doesn't exist!"

I started running. Tripping. I fell and slashed my arm on a rock. I didn't care. I scrambled to my feet and ignored the searing pain in my arm.

I ran.
I didn't care which direction. I didn't know which direction. I twisted my ankle. I kept running.
I couldn't get away from myself. But I could drown myself out in pain. It was almost like using drugs to me.
I don't know how long I ran.
Or where I was when I blacked out and collapsed.
Hey everyone! Did you like it?
I said in one sentence that I didn't believe God existed. I want to clarify that I was so mad when it happened, I didn't truly believe God was real, but now I do believe in Him. Just sayin in case anyone was a little shocked…
Also, this is not the end of the story. Hang in there and stay tuned for more chapters!
till next time, Josh

Dec 15, 2018
Has the story finished?
by: Anonymous

Hi! Great story, so touching and you are a talented writer! Has it finished or will you keep going? I can't tell...

Dec 13, 2018
by: Horse_crazy_girl_Elin

All I can say is wow!!! This is such a great story! Extremely well written, touching and sad. Even more so cuz it’s true! Great job!!!!

Dec 12, 2018
by: Warrior4Christ

This story is so touching! What did you name the new horse? Sounds like you've been through a lot. No matter what happens just remember that God loves you no matter what! With Him anything is possible.

Dec 06, 2018
Chapter 4
by: Josh

Chapter Four

I was 14 when Grandpa died. I was in science class at school when I got called to the office. I freaked out because I thought I was getting in trouble.

I was surprised. Grandpa had been in perfectly good health as far as I knew. He had a heart attack.

After his funeral there were a few things to sort out. For example, he had owned my mom's old place, and Grandma wanted to sell it since it wasn't doing anyone any good.

"Josh," she said one day. "You're coming to help me clean up at your old place so it looks half-decent when I sell it.

I felt like someone had just dumped a glass of ice cubes down my back. No way was I ever going back. I hadn't gone there since I moved to the city, and I wasn't going there now.

"No," I said simply.
"Do you think I can do all that work on my own?" Grandma asked.
"I don't care. I can't go there."
Grandma wasn't forcing me. "Ok," she said. "But I'll give you until Saturday to decide. I hope you'll change your mind."

It happened to be Friday. I didn't have much time to decide.

That night I couldn't sleep. Did I want to go back to the place where I grew up? The place where I had so many happy days with Mom. Helping her.
Riding Forsaken.

The place where Mom died.

The place where everything I ever cared about died. The place where part of me died.

Then I thought of the other side of it. Maybe some day I'd regret it if I never went back and saw my old house one last time before it was sold. And Grandma couldn't clean the yard up all by herself.

My decision was made.

"I'll come with you," I told Grandma the next day.
Her face lit up. I was actually a little bit glad I'd decided to go. But not half as glad as I'd be later.
"Honey, that's awesome!" she said.
My heart twisted when she said "honey" exactly like my mom used to say it.
Her face got serious. "If you feel like you need to cry about anything, that's totally ok, Josh. Sometimes we just need to let it out."
I clenched my teeth determinedly. I was not going to cry. I was not.

Two hours later, we were turning off into our driveway.

It was all so familiar.

The old maple tree still grew at the end of the lane. The one I used to climb as a kid.
Rusty barbed wire twisted around the old half-rotten fence posts of Forsaken's pen. Everywhere the grass was long and needed mowing badly.
The memories, good and bad, came rushing back.
And now, there was the house. Aside from the boarded-up windows it looked the same as it always had.

Then I saw the barn. It was exactly the same as it had been left, with the front collapsed. That was where Mom and Forsaken died.

Suddenly I wanted to throw up. To scream. Anything. I bit my lip hard and tried to hold back the tears. I couldn't identify the emotions. Was it sadness? Guilt? I didn't know.

Grandma stopped the car and said she was going into the house. I said I'd look around the yard.
As soon as she was out of sight, I leaned against the car door and started crying. I never had cried so hard in all my life. When I stopped, I felt a bit better. But I didn't want Grandma to know I'd been crying, so instead of going into the house I went behind it and walked a ways into the trees. I wanted to find the old stables, if they were still there.

I couldn't find much. There was a pile of smashed rotten wood, so somebody had obviously pushed it down.

I went back to the yard.

I didn't want to go anywhere near the barn. But something mysterious was pushing me to do it. I walked slowly towards it.

Stopped in the middle of the wreckage.

Lifted one end of the beam that had fallen from the roof and killed Mom.

A tear ran down my cheek. This one piece of wood had changed my entire life.

I set the wood down and went behind the barn. The fences were still there.

And then I saw something that really shocked me. Like really, really shocked me. My scream actually threw me to my knees.

It had to have been a ghost.

It would disappear in a second.

But it didn't. It stayed in one place, staring at me.

A horse.

It didn't look exactly like Forsaken. It had better conformation and its coat was lighter. It looked the same as when I found Forsaken: thin and hungry. It was definitely an Arabian.

I was frozen with fear.

What was a horse doing in the pen here? It wasn't a ghost. At least I didn't think so.

Somebody was using our yard for keeping their horse at! I wondered who.

I ran to the house to tell Grandma. I was in the back of the house, so I went in the back door.
My foot kicked against something as I ran in. I looked down.

It was a large rock, and a piece of paper stuck under it.

I picked it up with shaky hands.

It went something like this:

I know you love horses. Your mom used to have a horse rescue and she always helped me with my horses.

Here I paused. Mom never said anything about helping any certain person. Who was it? Who wrote it?

I read on.

You were good with horses, too. Forsaken was a different horse after you helped him. I thank you for taking care of him for him. Now could you please take care of this horse, too? He has the same sire as Forsaken, so they look a little alike. He's yours now, and I hope you take good care of him.

Well, that shook me up. Who knew so much about me?
I flipped the paper over and the words on that side sliced through me like a knife.

It was dated three weeks ago. The writer knew I was coming. To this day I don't know. I'm so glad I came, though.

The name pierced my soul like a dart:

Love, Dad

Dec 06, 2018
by: hundreds of horses

I. Don't. Know. What. To. Write.
You're a real trooper, Josh, a real trooper!

Dec 04, 2018
by: God Belivn Cowgirl

Wow, great story! So Sorry about what happened.. Amazing writing, Josh!!

Dec 03, 2018
by: Josh

Thanks for all the support! It really means a lot to me... Chapter 3 coming right away!

Dec 02, 2018
by: Anonymous

Oh Josh! This story is so sad! Don't blame yourself, you were so young. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Great... Now I'm crying...

Nov 30, 2018
Please continue!
by: SpiritGirl

Please continue, it's gripping! :)

Nov 30, 2018
by: SpiritGirl

That is an amazing story, you are an awesome writer! Its so powerful... And to think its totally true-so sad. I can feel the pain you went through, wow.

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