Forgot my Horse - Part 1

by Eva

I'm falling. It didn't register at first, but I just realized it. I also realized I made a mistake. A mistake I'm sure will cost me. It may even cost my life. Why was I so stupid? I'm very experienced, yet I forgot something even a beginner would remember. I forgot my helmet. "Good-bye Snow" I thought as I fell to the ground with a thump.
Where am I? White wall surround me. I can't remember hardly anything. I remember my name, age, the year and nothing else. Wait there's one more thing. Snow. Why do I remember a form of weather as I awaken from an I don't know how long sleep? My heads pulsing. Suddenly a nurse steps into my room. "Gasp you're awake" She looks shocked "I'll go get the doctor" She quickly ran out of the room. Why am I here?

As quickly as she left, the doctor arrived. "Well well well look who wants to come back to the world. We didn't expect you to wake up for a few more days." I stared at him uncomfortably. "What's wrong with me?" He bit his lip "You have a concussion. You're concussion will get better but..... You have severe amnesia" He looked at the floor, "There's a chance that not all of your memories will ever come back" My eyes are filling with tears. My life. My life is gone.

"How did this happen" I whisper, anger filling my voice. The doctor looked as if he didn't want to tell me, "Your horse bucked and you fell without a helmet on." Why did I even like horses anyway? They're just stinky animals. "I'll go get

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