Forever Horsemad

by Sky Wing
(New Zealand)

I never used to like horses. Ever since I was at school when I was five or six, I loved cats. Everything to do with them. It was always cats, cats, cats for me.

Then one rainy day, we got to watch a movie. The teacher had two movies. We could watch one or the other. I can't really remember much, because I was so young then, but I had loved animals very much, even if cats were my favorite, so I chose to with the movie that had a animal on the cover.
That movie happened to be Spirit; Stallion of the Cimmaron. While watch that movie, I fell in love with horses. I went crazy about, begging my mother and father until they finally got me lessons at a nearby riding school. I loved that movie from the start, I've watch it over and over and over... and I still love it.

I'm not too bad a rider now. I've been riding quite a few years now too.

It never gets boring though, riding horses. Every time I get on a horse, I wish that time could stop and I could be there forever. I've got a favorite horse I like to ride. I small grey mare called Kelly. I have great fun on her.

I even help out at the riding center now. Helping kids learn to ride like I did.

I'll love horses forever, I know that.

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Apr 24, 2010
by: brooke

Wow! kind of a similar thing happened to me! i watched Spirit and instantly fell in love with horses!

Apr 16, 2010
Spirit and horses
by: Sydney

I loved Spirit too!! And still do. And I am sure I will always love horses too. It's great you are helping other girls get into riding.

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