Forever Horse Passion

by Chantell
(South Africa)

Me and JJ doing one of the biggest jumps we did together :)

Me and JJ doing one of the biggest jumps we did together :)

I've ALWAYS loved horses, I cant even remember where it started. I wanted to start riding lessons when I was 11, but my mom wont let me. She said the place i wanted to go to was too far and its too dangerous around horses (typical mom's :P) soooo I waited... when I was 13 me and my friends went on a trail ride for a birthday party. I rode a red roan gelding, Bles.

The moment we went out of the ring, he started trotting. I was bouncing all over and laughing and trying to stop at the same time! The ride went well though, until we turned back. Bles is a natural leader, and when he saw he was behind all the other horses he started galloping ! I was shocked! I slipped, but grabbed on and held on 'till he stopped. I was all jittery but enjoyed myself! that was my first time riding and after that I went on 2 other rides on different horses before I started riding lessons.

I'm only riding for a year and a half now. I rode the beginner pony (Billy, a mix bred with some Arabian possibly) only a month. I then went on to Bismark, a palomino quarter horse. Within the 1st month I rode him I already started jumping! at about 5 or 6 months I started riding the one I love most - JJ, a cheeky, 16hh dark bay boerperd gelding. only 7 years old, though was 6 when I started riding him. On him I quickly started doing 1m jumps and dressage. I love him so much even if he does try to fight on the ground with me and gives me a hard time in the saddle.

I might get my own foal soon, but till then I'm happy with riding JJ and Bismark and the stallion on a farm i ride, Rocket. Though I'm always loving every single horse i see, 'cause that's my passion and future.

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Dec 27, 2012
by: C.SmileyHeartHorses

I'm glad i asked them to keep my cellphone cause it definitely would have slipped out! And it seems like i won't be getting the foal anymore :( they might have to sell the farm. It's so sad :( But i got a mare that a friend of my instructor asked me to ride because her 7year old daughter cant ride her yet :D it would be sooo funny! she's only 14hh and i look too tall for a 14.3hh when i'm riding bareback xD i should actually try uploading a pic of her on this page thing i wrote

Dec 02, 2012
Me too!
by: CHorsegirl1

Your story sounds a lot like mine! I was really jittery! I lost me head band on the wild galloping ride! :P i HAVE LOVED EVERY HORSE i SAW! But my favorite horse is named Stop. I don't know why the stables named her that but I like it!

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