Forever Horse Crazy!!!! :D

by Erin
(Vanzant, Mo, United States)

Magic and Flicka when I first got them!

Magic and Flicka when I first got them!

I have ALWAYS dreamed of having my own horse. In October 2010 me, my mom, and brother went down to a horse farm about 5 miles up the dirt road that my mom used to work at. The farm was ALL horses, horses, and MORE horses!

So, we looked around for a while in the barn and in the fields. Finally I found a round pin with a paint mare and her paint foal in there. I was soooo excited! They were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! But they were sick.

Anyway, the farm manager, who is still to this day good friends with my mom and step dad, talked the owner into letting me have the two rescue paint horses. But I didn't know.

So, that day when my mom was at work, my step dad took me and my brother to town to pick up a few things. Giving the manager enough time to drop the horses off in one of our corrals. By the time we got back from town, there were the two paints in one of the corrals waiting for me! And it was my birthday!

I have never had a better birthday in my life! So, now, I still have the two paints who I named, the mare, "Magic" and the foal, "Flicka." Now I even have more horses here, too!

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