For the love of you

by DJ

"G'morning, Star!" Abby Dickinson sang as she unlatched the stall door and slid it open. The black and white paint horse turned his head and nickered a soft greeting.

"I brought you an apple slice," Abby said as she threw her arms around his neck, breathing his sweet smell. She untangled her arms and pulled the apple slice out of her pocket and flattened her palm.

Star devoured the sweet red apple and searched her hand for more. "Sorry," Abby laughed pulling her hand away. "We have a lesson in thirty minutes," she spoke as she haltered the little gelding and pushed open the stall door.

She led him out, his hooves clopping against the wooden floor rhythmically. She led him into the cross-ties and clipped them to his forest green halter.

"I'll be right there. I need to get your grooming kit," she said and started towards the wash rack. She seized the green grooming kit and headed back over to Star's side.

Quickly, she began currying him whilst talking to him quietly. After she groomed him and cleaned his hooves, she started to the tack room.

After placing the grooming kit back where it went, she grabbed the white corona, all-purpose saddle and girth from the saddle rack.

"Let's get you tacked up," she said and began placing the corona on his soft back.

She placed the saddle on and tightened the girth. Next, she quickly bridled him with over a year of practice.

"Okay, let's go!" She said and led him from the barn.

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