For english horse shows...

by Claire

For english horse shows how good do you have to be? My instructor said I was not ready but she did not ride english. I think I am good.(not to bragg) I have been riding for 4 years. How can I fix my self up to be in a horse show? Can you give me hints on like you know keep your heels down and helpful stuff like that? That would be so great! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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by: Molly

I have been riding for 4 years also, i own a horse and i have 50 show ribbons. some tips for riding English are below.

-- when posting your trot, remember to rise and fall with the leg on the wall. (when the horses leg that is closest to the rail is in front of the other, you should be up in the air!)

-- Try to keep your heels down at all times! try using your knees to keep them down!

-- When you are turning, point your belly button in the direction you want you horse to go.

-- when posting, when you are up in the air, move your hands down. When sitting while posting, put your hands up!

-- when you want to canter, make sure you are in the center of the saddle, lean back, and make the kissing noise!

Hope these will help!

UR first show
by: Delaney

You do'nt have to be good! But if you've been riding for 4 years you should be ready! My first show was after i had been riding for 2 or 3 years maybe....But you shouldn't be told your not good enough! If you feel you aren't getting what your paying for then go to another riding school! Because I didn't win my first show! In fact i don't think i even placed in anything! I was disqualified in the flat class for falling off. But I believe that if I had won that first show i wouldn't be as good as I am today! I think loosing made me want to learn harder so that maybe next show I would place! I have been riding for 5 or 6 years now and still showing in the spring at county fair shows!

I know!
by: Barrel Racer

When I first did English my Instructor was always yelling at me and telling me that I needed alot more work before I could go into shows but me and my mom and dad both felt that I was ready. And she denied, so I just switched over to Western and I like it alot better!

Have fun!!!
by: Anonymous

Just remember, have fun with it. If you have fun with it, your horse will too. You guys will look more relaxed and the judge will notice that. I have been doing dressage for some time now and i always do best when i dont worry about it. Take it easy and slow, whatever happens, happens. It will give you more experience for the next show and you will know what to expect. Have good expectations and set realistic goals for you and your horse.

Just remember, have fun!

tips for show
by: Anonymous

Don't stress and worry, if you do so will your horse he/she will catch on to you being uneasy and not know what to do. REMAIN CALM! As for the heels, for me (in a show) the more I am constantly thinking about it in working in it in the show ring is making it worse, when you warm up you can practice and make sure but when you enter the ring put your heels down and try to keep them their without worrying so much,instead put your consentration on your horse(he/she needs your concentration more than your heels). remember diagonals, proper leads and a big smile and I am sure you will be fine! good LUCK!!!!!!!!

fellow horse enthusiast

Horse Shows
by: Anonymous

Horse shows can be very stressful, and i give anyone who competes credit. They are a lot of fun and require complete trust in your mount. i have been to a couple of shows, though i have been in a lot of classes. i have won 3 firsts, 5 3rds, 4 fourths and 3 fifths. i have been riding for 7 years so i know a lot about it. here are the basic tips for a great ride:
-Heels down!!
-eyes up
-arms bentat the elbow, hands up. (not high, just enough to make sure the judge can see them; it looks bad if u look like u have no hands!)
-comfortable seat
-DIAGNOAL! this is very important!
- the right lead when your cantering! also very important!
-sit up straight
it feels great when you place, but the point of showing is to have fun; sit back and relax; enjoy your self!!
good luck, i hope this helps!

by: Anonymous

I've been riding for 4 years also. I've been to 2 shows so far. I'm not the best but I've gotten a:
1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th place ribbon. I honestly think I should have waited another couple months to start showing to be totally confident. I also suggest going to a show to watch a couple times before you actually enter. I didn't do that and I thought I was really confident and ready to go but man does the show atmosphere freak you out if you don't know what you're expecting!! Helpful hints:
-Eyes up, look where you're going
-keep your heels down
-sit up straight
-toes in (not pointed out)
-flat wrists
-elbows in
-slight bend at the elbow
-relaxed seat
-follow the horses movement
-stay on the rail all the way around, HUG the rail! it's your friend!!
-after jumps, stay STRAIGHT!
-watch your diagonal, you won't place well if you're on the wrong diagonal. You're lucky to place at all if you don't catch it
-same goes for canter leads

good luck, have fun!! :)

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