Foalz Top 10 Tips to Earn Money on HorseIsle

by Talesse

Here are some tips

1.walk the beaches and collect gems sell them at Rock Isle

2.walk around Desest Isle and collect diamonds make necklaces with them sell them on Rock Isle

3.get 15 pearls talk to some girl on Hoof Isle to make them into a necklace and sell on Rock Isle

4.walk around find wild horses and either sell them wild or train them then sell don't be like me and whisper breed after breed

6.put money in the bank

9.sell horses/tack/companions you don't need

10.make goals like never be under 1 million and so on

hope I helped

Foalz of all servers but mainly pinto

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Grey Server
by: Anonymous

This is Awesome i just got a million dollars from doing all of these making sure you keep helping people because you rock at it! :)

Spouie from pinto
by: spouie

Spoo approves of your tips...

my tips
by: Talesse

I got up to 5 million dollars but following those 10 tips won't make you rich right away but in time you will have so much you won't know what to do with it all,

thanks for the tips!
by: sydney

These are really good hints for HorseIsle. Thanks so much for taking the time to share them!! I am sure they will be helpful.

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