Flying without Wings - Part 1

by Becca

"Fanta," I called softly as she galloped towards me in the pasture. I hopped over the dewy fence and clipped a lead-line to her bejeweled halter. I glanced up at the early morning sky. It was looking dark, but the weather channel said no rain until tonight. We walked over to the cross ties where I tied her before putting on her show blanket, polo wraps, bell boots, and fuzzy trailer halter. My trainer walked in and inspected my work.

"Well done, Katie. Are you ready for the trailer?" she asked me.

"I think... Oh wait!" I said, running for the locker room.

I came back holding a bag of carrots and my barn fleece. "Ready," I laughed. I giggled as Fanta's lips tickled my palm while she chomped up the juicy chilled carrot. We walked to the trailer where I saw Mom, Dad, and my brother Brandon in the back seat. I loaded Fanta and clipped her up before giving her a kiss and shutting the doors.

We pulled into the show grounds at 6:00 AM, just as planned. I opened the trailed and Fanta nickered. "Hi girl! How was the ride?" I asked her.

"Haha. Look Jas, it's the horse whisperer!" one of the show girls sighed.

"I know. I wonder if she can ask my pony is he'll be good today, Lily," Jas laughed.

"You guys are just saying that cause you know we're going to kick your but today." I smirked. "Like last time."

The two girls pouted and strutted away to their horses. I turned my attention back to Fanta and started getting her ready. Lastly, I went into the trailer to change into my safety vest, boots, and helmet. I pulled my barn's colors over my head and tied my number to the back of the 'jersey'.

I double checked Fanta's pads, bridle, bit, and girth before getting a leg up and landing softly on her back. My trainer put her hand on my leg. "Be safe out there, kid," she said. I smiled and trotted Fanta to the starting box line. We were second to go, which didn't give me much time to study the course.

Cross Country was hard, especially because you couldn't see the person before you go. You couldn't learn from their mistakes. Jas was first, and Lily was third. Just waiting in line was going to be hell.

I saw Jas enter the starting box. The doors flew open and her pont, Flipflop, galloped a bit to fast down the big, steep hill. Jas lost her seat and was riding on her pony's neck. They turned the corner and were out of sight. All of a sudden, Fanta's ears went back. I turned around as she reared in time to see Lily pull a crop back.

I frowned, but Fanta was okay, and that was what mattered. I stared at the finish line, but Jas didn't emerge. The bell rang twice, meaning Jas had fallen off, but was okay. Which meant it was my turn. I walked into the box, and tuned everything out. The bell rang, and the doors flew open. We galloped down the hill and soared over the first jump.

We galloped around the course with ease, and we soon faced the last jump, a coffin. We cantered towards it, and Fanta started to jump, but her hoof clipped the mud and she flipped on top of me. We fell into the jump, and her back hit my head, hard. I heard my helmet crack, and the bell rang out three times, meaning something was not okay.

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Apr 29, 2012
by: Klesei

This was amazing!

Mar 15, 2012
i love it
by: Anonymous

good job! when is the next part??

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