Flickering Hope

by Mackenzie

I laid on the stone cold floor of a giant building they had put me in. I didn't care anymore, I had been throughout too much to care anymore. Beaten and abused, waiting for the ever-present darkness to creep over me forever, never to be light again. If only it were that easy to just get away from it all. I hadn't done anything wrong, I had just been loaded up on a trailer and shipped out to the country side with no people to hear the moans of me and horse around me.

The pain and bleeding had come back on my shoulder where I had been cut on the side of the trailer. Finally, I let my knees buckle for me to lay down to get weight off my shoulder. It felt good to have room to lay down, not that I had much of it.

I could hear the shuffling hooves of horses around me and smell the musty hay that was never given to us. See the sun glistening through a crack and bouncing off the water in a bucket we never had the joy of drinking. All of us were confused on where we were but we were just to tired to scared and to abused to care anymore.

If only I could have a nice owner for once, one that would appreciate me and love me for who I was and not who they forced me to be. I just remember tight reins, sharp bits, small saddles, and heavy people. I didn't know where I remembered it from though. I had been hit so much i couldn't remember anything, even my name. Nothing but a Flickering hope was left

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