by Sydney M.
(Round Rock, TX)

I was stumbling about in a blinding darkness of trash and debris, hoping to find something, or at least some kind of answer. Then I found it!

Out of blinding darkness, I saw a light. I ran toward it, as if it held all the answers. But I was wrong, for when I came out of the tunnel I could clearly see the remains of an old barn?

"What could this mean?" I thought, scratching my head. Then I remembered. "Oh no!" Bells and whistles began shrieking in my mind and I wanted to desperately fight to wake up from this horrible dream. But I knew that it wasn't a dream, this was real!

I ran and ran. As I began rummaging through the barn's remains, I was thinking, "No, no, no, no!" but yes, yes, yes—though the dusty remains I saw the dusty, burned-up black ash-colored edges of horses.

I couldn't even finish my thought, I gulp and said: "Sk..sk..skull..." I slowly picked it up. Immediately, visions of the fire started flowing back into my mind.

It started out okay. I was busy grooming my absolute favorite horse in the whole wide world—Kashan, when I heard a faint whinny in the distance. It sounded as if it was in trouble!

"Well, Kashan," I said, giving him a pat. "Looks like we’re going to have to cut your grooming session short.” I paused, for once—like him, I liked our time together. But horses come first. "I hope you’re ready to do some riding today huh?" I sighed. Kashan snorted, for I had already ridden him once today. Nevertheless, he knew this was serious.

I finished brushing as quickly as I could—and honestly I hated every minute of it. After I had finished, I walked Kashan over to the mounting ramp, and mounted. I walked him a few paces before taking off at a trot.

"Whoa!" I suddenly heard myself say. Kashan obeyed. I looked at the little mare standing in the mud before me. She looked scared. "It’s okay," I said, hopping off Kashan. "We’re here to help." I looked around for a rope or something to lasso her with, but found nothing. I looked up at Kashan with sad eyes, "what do I do?" I whispered, as if he’d know.

Just then, I could see something glowing out of the corner of my eye. It was a lasso? Could I have forgotten to check my horse's saddle bag? Wait, saddle bag? I don’t have any. There, on either side of Kashan, I saw 2 golden saddle bags, I was still in shock as I walked slowly over to one, and then the other.

The left one contained a golden lasso while the right one contained a jug of cold water and fresh red apples.

"I know what to do!" I exclaimed, grabbing the lasso. I twirled the lasso over my head once, twice, then on the third time I tossed it up into the air with it landing perfectly over that little pony’s head.

Tying the other end of the lasso around the saddle horn I said, "Okay Kashan, now you know what you have to do." Kashan nuzzled my arm. "Well, okay then." I said, hopping back on. Then a sudden silence came over me as if I was pondering, suddenly I took action.

"On three," I whispered, as if someone could hear— "one..." I started, "two..." I took a breath, "three!" And on that note I dig in my heel into Kashan’s sides...

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Mar 01, 2016
by: CountryHowl

It's really good, fast paced and interesting! It does almost seem like a dream. :D

Jan 23, 2016
by: Sydney

Hi Haddie, this wasn't a dream. It was just a thought I had for a story that popped into my head one day. I can see why you thought it was a dream though :), I never really thought of that until you made that GREAT analogy.

Jan 22, 2016
by: Haddie

Hi again, Sydney. Is this a dream you had? Will it continue? Makes me want to know how it turns out.

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