First Show Disaster!

by Kenzie

Ok so we are getting ready to load Cheyenne with my old trainer and I was with her since I didn't have my own trailer at the time. Well the horse in front of me doesn't want to load and the show is an hour away. Finally 30 minutes later we are on the road.

My parents were fighting, I was nervous, it was awful! Then we get a call and we were on the interstate already, well it just so happens that the trailer my pony Cheyenne is in has a flat tire on the interstate and they are pulled over on the side of the road!

We decide to go help them, but then they gave us the wrong exit and we pass it up so then we have to go all the way back. Finally when we get there they do a spare tire, so my dad is helping and they take the tire off and start to put the new one on, ok well when they were almost through they know that the tire is the wrong size!

So my mom and I are sitting in the truck and right in front of us some person was looking over and bam they slam into the brick wall. We had to see everything too,even when they were helping the people's into the ambulance. So my dad and this guy Dillon and my mom and I are off to find the tire that fits. Well the cheap tire place isn't open so we end up spending $200 on one tire!

Finally we think we are good to go and they have the tire back on and we are off to the horse show! We are really really late, we get there just in time for the show to start and I still had to get ready groom, and saddle up! I get ready and the judge absolutely hates my Pony, we are last on every single class because my pony is white and she only likes browns and she told me that!

Finally the show is over is at 10:00pm and my parents are still fighting, well we were getting ready to leave when we get news that the horse trailer has another flat tire and we have to stop at a BP station, well they didn't have anything so we were stuck! It was also the day before Easter!finally we get in touch with people because no tire shops are open or anything,so our only hope was for this guy to drive 2 hours home and back and get his trailer.

We hadn't even ate anything! A really nice girl from the show team stays with us because we had to unload the horses and luckily there was a grazing pasture by the BP.The girls parents said they were going to get us some food at McDonald's! So they drive off and well apparently they aren't open so they find a convenience store with PB and J sandwiches at about 3:00 in the morning of Easter.

Finally the trailer arrives but we still had 2 hours left to drive home. What a horse show right and yeah that was my first, and yeah the next horse show I had my own horse trailer!

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