First Riding

by Lindsay
(United States)

I was on a trail ride and it was my first time riding a horse. My horse stopped to graze on the trail and the horse behind me got mad and ran up and bit my horse on the butt! I freaked cause my horse ran like crazy.

I am now a bit more experienced now so i don't freak out anymore. I am not that experienced that i can like jump though, i can trot though. My best friend owns a horse and i ride him.

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Dec 03, 2008
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When I was on a trail ride (when I was small and was only used to ponies) my horse suddenly stopped and refused to move. Well, the guide got so cross he hit my horse to make it move and do you know what? It turned and bolted all the way back to the stables! I was so terrified that I quickly got of and gave the horse to the groom. When everyone came back from the ride, they where laughing at me and I got so mad I sulked for the whole day!
Okay, sorry I used your page to tell my story. Yours is very nice......tell me when you start to jump and canter.
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