by Olivia
(Portland Oregon)

One day i entered 4-H, so now I get to go to the Washington County Fair. My horse that i rode Buck a 19 year old chestnut and white paint. And Katie my trainer rode my black and white horse Genius who is a 11 year old American Saddlebred. Any way it was the dressage day, and it was my turn there was only 1 other person in my class (i was doing training level 1) and i went last. The other person did really well. I got a 62.8756 something. And i got FIRST YAY. Then i had no other things to do that day so Buck just got to chill out. At the meeting that night, I was called down to get a medallion and a finalist ribbon. I was so proud of myself and Buck. He is truly the best horse in the world.

Comments for FIRST PLACE!!!

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by: hannah

you live in portland oregon!? me too!

That sounds great
by: Hanna

You must have been so excited when you won the dressage test and the medalion

Congrats on your first place!
by: Sydney

Great job for you and Buck! :-)

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