First jumping show in a week! Help!

by Taylor

I have shown for over 5 years now (western and english) and I have recently started jumping.
I am doing a 18" hunter hack course a week. My trainer is mostly about western pleasure and stuff like that, and she doesn't want me to "ruin" my horse by doing jumping. I don't see how you can ruin a horse by jumping 18"!

But anyways she refuses to teach me jumping and that's what I need help on. I know the basics, (taught myself 2 point, release, etc.) and my horse knows the basic's to, she just doesn't tuck her legs under her when we jump. Is that okay?

The class I am showing in it only has 2 jumps, about 2 strides away from each other. I haven't exactly practiced spacing so I need help.
Any jumping tips are needed!!!

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It's going to be great
by: Stefi with Shadow, Cappuccino and Minty


I've been owning and riding horses since I was 2, (Well, my mom owned them before me)
I started jumping when I was 8 and I found out being bigger does help! I do hunter now and I love every minute of it!

# Keep your heels down,
They are your security in the saddle so you won't easily fall off, also helps you keep a tighter leg and that's important for hunters!

# Eyes up
If you're turning towards your fence, look at your fence until you're straight and aligned with it.
Look straight ahead, not at your next fence, as you go over your fence, keep your eyes up, but make sure you can move your head, you want to look natural in the ring.

# Jumping Position
Jumping position is very important. Here's my tip: Merely push your feet out of the stirrups and keep your hip soft and your back straight.
If you're trotting, your pony might not make such a huge effort and just trot over it.
You don't want to be half up your pony's neck when he's barely lifting his feet! :P
If you are cantering (or going at a face paced trot) the momentum of the jump is enough to bend your angles and let's you have a good jump.
Keep the recovery small, if your fences are close together.
If you cantering, just recover a bit from your pony's neck and continue.
If your trotting, post a bit and post all the way to the base.

In hunters, make it look like everything you're doing right is on purpose.
Everything you're doing wrong is by accident.
Be with your body language
"I meant to trot"
"I meant to keep my eyes up"
"I didn't mean to put my eyes down, I'm putting them up"

Always show the judge that you love to ride and it's always fun!

Thank the people around you for advice, loans, etc and if you see the judge thank him/her for coming out to judge the show.

you'll be fine
by: cyril_123

Just concentrate what you are doing and look up and keep your heels down GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!

by: lily

Basically I have been riding for ages so what you have to do is pretend you are doing just one jump then after you have done one jump kick on and sit up!!! Lily

I agree
by: Horse jumper

I agree with Katie I just started English riding and I plan to jump what I do is just watch YouTube.

by: Anonymous

18" feels like nothing when you jump. Just remember to keep your heels down and look up when you jump. If your horse is slow do a large hunter's circle.(A hunters circle is a circle you do before and after you jump. Remember to do it or you won't place.)

You'll be fine
by: Katie

To begin with, your horse doesn't need to really tuck it's legs over an 18" jump. It's too small for them to need to. Also your two point should have 2 parts of your butt touching the saddle with your eyes up, back straight and arms forward. Over an 18" jump, you don't need to reach very far forward, just enough to release on your horse's mouth. Also, start to feel and count your canter strides. Have someone watch you and count out loud at each stride to help you get a feel for that and then once you know your strides (if you already don't although I'm pretty sure you do(;) then take your horse over the jumps, your horse should be able to adjust his stride with a little help from you. I've been jumping my whole riding career and have had to retrain my horse from the ground up in everything including jumping:). Hope this helps!

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