Fire-Light's Island - Part 1

by Ponie


Crash! Lightning scattered across the dark blackened sky while rain fell pelting the ground like tiny silver bullets. Penny shrieked and jumped about a foot. Twister hung his head and shivered. The poor foal had lost his mother today and Bella moaning for her foal who had been murdered that day.

As he shifted his feet around in the nasty black muck the foul smell snuck up his nostrils. This whole place stank. It reeked of death. Anger began to boil in him. How dare humans steal him away from the girl who had always loved! How dare they take him and all these other horses here to die!How dare they treat them so awful and kill babies in front of their moms, moms in front of their babies!!

With the frustration rising he screeched and kicked out in frustration. THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! CRACK!!! The wood broke, splinters and shards of wood flew through the air. Swiftly an idea formed in Twisters head. THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! CRACK!! Another shower of wood flew through the air. One more board! THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! CRACK!! Twister nudged the horses through and counted them.

The mare Bella a chestnut. Mare Silver a crystal gray. The mare Willow Whisper a palomino. Gelding Thunder a dark dapple gray. Foal's Penny a coppery-colored filly and Marnie a palomino paint.
And the yearling twins Cloony and Marie both black and white paints.

Twister kicked at the heavy clanging metal barn door. He couldn't get it open! Then Thunder stepped up and they kicked together. Whoosh! The door flew open. And the horses ran ignoring the rain pelting them making them shivering and cold.

They reached the shore of a lake and after a little bit of hesitation they jumped in. The water soaked in their skin. Splashed down their mouth. Tried to drag them to the bottom. Coughing the reached the shore of an island. The island was to steep for humans to bother visiting. But the horses could just barely manage to scrabble up the side. As the stood dripping Bella nudged Penny forward to nurse.

Twister grew happy Bella had accepted Penny!!! Silver suddenly shocked them. As they had been busy watching attention fast on Bella and Penny Silver had been busy giving birth. She whinnied and to their amazement as they turned to her a pure white filly lay at Silver's feet.

Silver whispered in that quiet whispery wind-like sound of horses, "I name you Winter."

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Aug 13, 2016
by: Anonymous

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