by Whispers Promise
(Lexington, Kentucky)

Avery Miller's world turns upside down when she and her family move to Kentucky after the loss of her father, Jack. But when Avery meets the stunning dapple gray gelding, Firefly, things start to look up. There's only one problem. Firefly is wary of humans and has a wild streak. Can she earn his trust before its to late?


Chapter One: A New Beginning

"This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me." 14-year old Avery Miller thought as she stepped into her new home.

"Don't you just love this place?" Avery's mom, Lisa asked.

"Yeah, if we lived in the eighteen-hundreds." She responded setting her bags on the floor.

"If you have that attitude, you're never going to like it here," her Mom replied.

"Whatever. I'm going to go have a look around." Avery said and headed outside. This place is kind of nice, she thought as she walked along a fence line. Suddenly, she heard an unusual thumping sound.

"Hello?" She said looking around.

The sound suddenly stopped but no one answered. She shrugged and kept walking. A couple minutes later the sound started again but this time it was louder.

"Who's there?" She said.

Suddenly, a dappled gray gelding trotted into the road, nostrils flared. Avery stopped abruptly. The monstrous 16 hh horse towered over her, his bold brown eyes boring down on her. As she looked into the horse's face, she saw her ticket to freedom.

"If I knew how to ride, I would ride you all the way back to New York." She told him as she extended her hand. He shied at first but then relaxed upon her touch.

"Firefly! We've been looking everywhere for you!"

The horse's forelegs rose slightly, his eyes wide. Avery turned to see a girl about her age. She haltered the gelding and turned to Avery.

"Hi! I'm Chloe," the girl introduced herself.

"I'm Avery," she responded giving Firefly a pat.

"Is this you're horse?" She asked Chloe.

"No but he lives at the barn I board my horse at. Do you want to come with me and see the stable?" She asked.

"I guess, I have time," Avery responded and followed Chloe.

A couple minutes later, a large stable came into view. There were paddocks, a large barn and a pasture. The field of jumps and the sandy arena completed the picture.

"This is Meadow Lark." Chloe said as she released Firefly into the pasture. He immediately cantered off. When he slid to a stop, he rose up on his hind legs, the whites of his eyes showing.

"What's up with him?" Avery asked watching the magnificent horse.

"Firefly? He's a little wary of humans and he does have a wild streak in him too." Chloe replied. "Come on, I'll show you around the stables and introduce you to Lisa, the owner of Meadow Lark."

Chloe started towards the large barn motioning Avery to follow.

"Lisa, this is Avery. She's the one who found Firefly." Chloe told the woman who looked to be in her early thirties.

"Hello." The woman said warmly. "Firefly doesn't normally trust people he doesn't know. Good job." Lisa smiled.

"Thanks. He's a really pretty horse." Avery replied.

"That he is. Well, I'll leave Chloe to show you around," Lisa said and began to groom a tall chestnut horse on the cross ties.

"Come on Avery, I'll show you my horse, Phantom." Chloe told her.

"This is Phantom." She said watching the beautiful black horse munching hay in his stall.

"He's gorgeous." Avery said and stroked his nose.

"Bye! Thanks for showing me around Chloe!" Avery called with a wave as she walked down the drive towards her home. She walked into the yard and entered the house.

"Where on earth have you been?" Her Mom asked as she stepped inside.

"I was just at the stables down the road. I met this horse named Firefly and this really nice girl named Chloe. We're going into Lexington tomorrow after we're finished at the barn." Avery rambled on excitedly.

"Goodness, it sounds like you're enjoying it here. But since when were you into horses?" Her Mom asked slightly surprised.

"I don't know," Avery replied as she picked up her bags from the floor.

"Eww! Horses?!" Avery's 11-year old sister, Addison, exclaimed as she came into the room.

"Yes, horses." Avery responded rolling her eyes.

"Can I come to Lexington with you and your friend?" Addison asked hopefully.

"If you don't mind hanging out at the barn all morning, going in a horse tack shop and hanging out at a cafe with Chloe and I, sure." Avery grinned knowing there was no way in the world Addison would go for that.

"Mom? Will you take me to Lexington tomorrow?" Was the only reply Avery got.

"I'm going to unpack." She announced and carried her bags upstairs to her new room. Setting her bags down on her bed, she walked over to her window and looked out at one of the pastures that was overlooked by her house.

Maybe she could learn to love Kentucky after all.


A loud, shrieking whinny awoke Avery later that night. What was that?! She thought as she quietly got out of the bed and made her way to the window. There in the pasture stood Firefly. His dappled gray coat shone in the moonlight. His soft, ruffled mane blowing softly in the breeze.

Quickly, Avery slipped on some shoes and opened the large window. She slipped outside and climbed silently down the trellis.

"Firefly?" She called softly through the silent night air. The gelding whuffled a soft, quiet greeting.

"Hey boy. What are you doing out here?" She asked him stroking his soft muzzle. Once again, he nickered.

"Do you want me to ride you? Is that it?" She grinned. It can't be that hard, she decided, as she climbed up onto the pasture fence. Smoothly, she slid her leg over his side. Firefly immediately bolted in surprise.

"Whoa, boy!" She shrieked grabbing a handful of his silvery mane. He slowed to a canter. This is amazing! Why didn't I do this any sooner?! She thought as she held on for dear life.

The dreamy moment ended all too soon. Firefly slid to a stop sending Avery into the dirt.

"Wow! That was so much fun!" She laughed as she got up and stroked Firefly's soft gray neck. "I really should get inside before Mom catches me out here," She told him planting a kiss on his soft pink nose.

"I'll see you in the morning Firefly." She said with a parting wave as she hurried back to the house.

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Jul 17, 2017
Whispers Promise
by: Hoofbeats

Sweet! By the way the comment was from both my friend and I. I really can't wait for the next chapter to come out!

Jul 11, 2017
by: Whispers Promise

Thank you! I'm glad you like the story so far and thank you for the advice Hoofbeats and Kitty! I'm always happy to get tips to better my writing!

Jul 08, 2017
by: HorseCrazy16

Love this story!

Jul 05, 2017
really cool but...
by: hoofbeats and kitty

That was really cool... but you jumped a bit too much in our opinion. Maybe try and explain a bit more how she felt when she was meeting the horses and stuff like that. Other than that, it was brilliant.

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