Fire and raven's wings

by Joy

This is one time I wish I had wings. I sat on top of the rock, my face to the wind with my long, black hair flowing out behind me. If I did, I would fly over the mountains, over the sea, over a huge continent, back to my home. China. They said they adopted me so my life would be easier. Ha! I was doing fine until they dragged me off to some place called California!

I took a stick and started scratching and imaginary horse onto the rock. A fiery pegasus. One with wings. That when I sensed someone watching me. I looked up,and,lo and behold!-A fiery stallion stood before me! He was... Oh! Breathtaking!!! He looked at me with wise, kind, powerful, but understanding eyes. I stood hypnotized by his gaze for a solid minute.

I flexed my foot to get circulation back to it, and when I looked up, he was gone! Oh, I could have cried! I was already sliding down the gravelly, weedy path to my little house, which I couldn't see from here, when I heard my foster mom call me. "Raven it's getting dark! Time to come in!"

I was in a daze when I stepped up onto the front porch, through the kitchen, up the stairs, and on to my bed. By habit I pulled out my paints, paper, and brush. Soon I had a beautiful picture of the fire stallion. Capture the beauty. That was my motto. I hung the picture on my dresser, and climbed into bed. That night I dreamed a strange, but beautiful dream. I dreamed of fire and raven's wings.

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