Finally! - Part 1

As I lay there in bed wide and I didn't even care it was Christmas Day. I ignored my mom's call for breakfast many times. I finally went downstairs and looked under the Christmas tree. They had some presents but not one i wanted, I knew it wouldn't be there, but I had to look.

You see for the past 2 years I have been in LOVE with horses. I ask my mom for EVERY holiday "Can I have a horse?"

The answer was always, you will have to see what happens. I knew when I would get it for Christmas though because last year she said we will have to see what mom and dad get you, but the years before she said we will see what santa gets you.

Well I figured, Santa couldn't pay for a horse so I thought I would get one. Well Christmas Day... I didn't have a horse.:(

I asked my mom and she said, "Well I'm sorry sweetie, when I say we have to see what Santa gets you probably means you are not getting it though so sorry."

So today I knew I wasn't getting it.

"Sit down and eat." my mom said.

"Merry Christmas guys." I said as I gave everyone hugs.

My mom walked to the door and yelled back into the kitchen "Madison, some of your friends are out here!"

"What is she talking about?" I mumbled to myself as I got up to go to the door.

As I opened the door I caught a glimpse of something white. What the? I thought when I got the door open, I was speechless and started to cry with joy at the same time because my mom was right - some of my friends were here, the four legged ones. I got a horse!!

"AHHHHHHHHH!" I yelled so loud people had to stick their heads out their doors to make sure everyone was ok. Well I wasn't O.K. I was WAYY BETTER than O.K. I was fantastic!

I couldn't believe I had my own horse.

"Now Madison you have to help pay and since we will be paying for a horse, we won't get you a car."

"Are you kidding me?!? I could care less about a stupid car!"

"O.K. Well you want to ride your horse?"

"They have tack?"

"No, but it's your horse you can ride him bareback!"

"AHHHH are you kidding me?"

"NO! Have fun."

So this is how my morning went - riding bareback, jumping the logs I have in my front yard and just plain having fun.


Hope you liked it comment for more stories and tell me what you want to hear. Also this is based on a true story with my friend but I don't know what happened I just know she got a horse Moonshine for Christmas. If you want to see some pictures go to

Bye for now!

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Mar 07, 2011
by: Destiny

You have great talent! Great story!

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