few falls of mine

by Brooke

Well I was on my horse Moon and we were doing something called 'novelties'. Moon gets very excited while doing these games and we were doing pole bending, I was winning against the girl next to me so I thought I would do a fast canter to the finish line. The last turn of the pole came and I jammed Moon up, he was absolutely confused out of his mind. He started off doing about 4 rears into the air and I held on for dear life, then I knew he wasn't going to stop untill I did something so I bailed. So when he was in another mid rear I pulled my foot out of my right stirrup and my left foot got stuck, but I quickly pulled it out before he could drag me.

Well at horse camp in 2007 I was riding a small black pony called Mishka. Me and my friend were doing a side saddle race one leads and one sits on top. Well I was sitting side saddle for the first time in my life. In a race. So I held on the my friend ran holding onto the reins and Mishka started cantering. I fell off, doing a small sommersult then landing on my side, I sat up slowly and started crying I was laughing that hard.
Haha funny day :)

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Dec 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

The more you fall off, the better you can ride... :) Falls can be SOOO funny, unless someone gets hurt, of course. The other day I fell off the huge black Frisian I'm training, we were heading for a jump when he stopped dead and jumped into the air with all four feet, then came back on the same spot and stood still. I was hanging off his side with my arms around his neck, going "Now what?" So I tried to crawl back into the saddle, but lost my grip and rolled very slowly to the ground. I jumped up quickly and looked around, luckily no one had seen me or they'd have laughed their socks off. He stood there pretending that I didn't exist. He was pretty embarrassed, so the next time he actually jumped the jump and I stayed on. :) Strange horse.

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