Fell off twice in one lesson!

I was riding one of my ponies pickles in a jumping lesson! He is a flea bitten grey Connemara x Arab x welsh and is 22yrs old he is retiring maybe next year even though he has plenty of life still in him!

Anyway, he never misbehaves even though he is very forward going but today was different my teacher set up a big cross pole about 2ft3 he always jumped this height and had jumped much higher before anyway!

So, I cantered up to the jump and then he stopped but then leaped over it I lost both my strrups and then he started bronking and I fell off and he trampled my leg luckily, I am fine now and I was wearing my body protector and hat and thankfully we are back cantering around the arena doing games bareback now!!! He also did it twice when I fell off!

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