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by Wild Fyre



Okay, i am going to start writing stories :D I'll add pics on them too :D (lol I got the idea from Windcall, only my stories are completely different!) Wildcall, if you have any problem, let me know :D I just got the story writing idea from you :) lol these aren't really people or horses, just things I had made up playing with my toy horses that i decided to write down and post here :D


Trenton was bred at a breeding farm in the times of the knights and dragons, and he was bred for one soul purpose... To be a war horse that a glorious knight would purchase to ride in wars and against dragons. But sometimes, not every Farey Tale has a happy ending...

As a colt, Trenton was huge, and his glossy black coat stood out among the others. Even as the baby he was, you could tell he would make the best war horse there was, and every knight would be after him.
When Trenton was finally put up for sale,3 years later, a prince bought him... Prince Trenton, hence the horse's name. Prince Trenton had a wife and a daughter, his daughter was a lovely little thing whop loved horses, but could only look at them and groom them, which she was quite happy to do. But she wanted more, she wanted to ride one. "No no no!" he father would say "You could get injured, and besides.." he would add in a calmer tone, "you know women are not permitted to ride. Only int eh back of fine buggies."
The little daughter was enlighted to see the big black stallion standing outside. At once she asked her father "O father, has thou bought a horse for me?"
"No silly girl, thy horse is mine. He will be my partner in war." He said.
"But father, a fine horse he is, you would not risk him in battle?" She asked eagerly
"Yes, a fine horse indeed little one, but however, he was born and bred to have thy fate and that is how it shall conclude." and he walked away.
The little girl was quite sad at such the beautiful horse. He would surely be killed in battle eventually.
Even though her father told her she wasn't to be riding horses, she didn't listen. She went out to the barn and put on a halter, and rode him around the yard. Trenton and the girl became the best of friends. She became very sad when Trent and her father had to leave. And they were gone for weeks, sometimes months at a time, either hunting dragons, or fighting against enemy villages.
About 7 years later, the girl was still attactched to the horse, and the horse was still attatched to the girl. And the horse was still well. Not a scar nor scratch on him. He was almost magic.
The girl still rode Trenton without permission. But one day, while she rode him, she was caught.
He father went hunting and she rode into the forest. Halfway through the trees she heard a screech. she turned her head to the side and spotted her father, he shot a pheasant. She thought he didn't see her, but he already did. and he began yelling. She was in soo much trouble, he beat her. And told her she was not to ride Trenton ever again.
One day, her father went off to fight on Trenton. Weeks passed. He didn't return.. Months passed. He never returned. Finally she received note that both her father and his horse were dead. Both fried by the dragon.
Her father's body had been carried off by the dragon, but they brought the horse back. They said the horse had tried so hard to protect his master, but he failed. They believed the horse should be honored and he was. The girl buried the horse and wept for days.
After she was finally over it, she decided to avenger her father and Trenton's death by tracking down the dragon and killing it. She went out and bought the best, strongest, fastest looking horse she could and rode him.. She rode all over the country side. For days upon day, upon weeks. she rode.

She never returned.

There isn't a moral to this story, but she was in the end reunited with her horse, and Trenton was a stronger faster happier horse when they met in the after life. He also, had great golden wings.

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Dec 15, 2008
Cool story

This is a nice but sad story. It's very beautifuly witten. Wild Fyre, you should write more stories. Just make sure it has a more satisfactory ending.

Dec 09, 2008
by: Windcall

Hey Wild Fyre!
I'm not bothered at all by your writing stories. In fact, I think that this was an absolutely marvelous story! It makes me feel...well...really good that I've given someone on HCG an idea. You've actually inspired me to write the stories I make up when I dry the dishes or lose my mind over homework (lol). Come to think of it, I'll go submit one right now!!!!!! Please write more! Have you commented on any of my stories or pages? If you haven't, I would really like to know what you think of them! Hope to hear from you soon!!!!!!

Windcall *:-)

Jan 01, 2009

Hey, Windcall, it's funny how the author of this story wrote "Wildcall" For "Windcall"! Okay, never mind it must have been a mistake

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