I love horses every day I draw horse pictures. My favorite movie is spirit stallion of the cimmaron I watched it all the time and ever since then I wanted to draw horses. I live in Wyoming we have longer winters than summers so to keep me busy during winter I draw a lot of horse pictures.

We own three horses my horse is fancy she is a red and white paint she is a very loving horse she will do anything you want her to do always willing to learn something new.The second horse we have is soshka she was given to us for free because she is retired she is close to thirty yrs old and swayback we don't ride her anymore.

The third horse we have is named chico he also was given to us he is a small white horse we don't ride him anymore because he plow reins so he is retired too we don't know what kind of breed he his but we love him. I live on a farm we raise our own sheep to show in the fair.

My favorite things are horses sheep and chickens if you had a website for chickens I could draw chicken pictures too. I have three sisters who are horse crazy to I will try to get their pictures on here. Well got to run and gallop away like a horse.


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Apr 13, 2013
by: amber

I like your story and your horses are very pretty. I also like your drawings.

Apr 08, 2013
fancy horse
by: Annabelle

wow I love your horse fancy, fancy is a good name for that horse. she looks playful and happy all the time. I love to draw horses, i'm a horse crazy girl. I looked at all 3 of your horses, I like all 3 of them but all have to say fancy is my favorite, I like buddy for a horse name too.

Apr 08, 2013
Beautiful horses
by: kimberly

I love your story cute and interesting, very beautiful red and white paint. I love how you talk about each horse.

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