by Abigail

You know I'm sure every horse rider has fallen off once or twice you know in my opinion it make you better but in my horse crazy life I have fallen off twice so far! But this is the story of a fall I will never forget!
It all started July 2008 I was at Berry College Horse Camp, and I had been assigned the horse of my dreams a black Quarter Horse gelding named Cade I was just learning to canter and my instructor was letting me give it a try, so I was cantering faithfully and gracefully but Cade approaches a side of the arena where a rock is sticking out of the dirt in the arena, and he trips he lands on his knees! And I slide onto his neck and he stands up but he flips his neck and you guessed it I went flying! I did a front flip and hit the ground next thing you know I was up on feet again but with a horrible headache from where my helmet squeezed me so hard and my butt hurting because I hit it on the fence! And I took a little break but you know I still ride today if you fall its okay just get on again that's exactly what I did don't be embarrassed because you fall it just makes you a better rider no matter what anyone says!

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Aug 15, 2009
by: Kenzie

I have been riding off and on for the last 2 months or so.. I started with the basics when I was 4, but the we moved, so it took about 9 years to find a good riding instructor, and people we knew that would let me ride their horses.. Anyway I am just starting to lope, and it is HARD!!! I am also in a small arena, and whenever I go around a corner I get unbalanced and start sliding. I haven't fallen off yet (knock on wood) and I hope I never will, but I think that I am to much in love with horses to give up riding.
Kenzie V.

Apr 25, 2009
by: Anonymous

that is the best story

Mar 15, 2009
by: Phantom Horse

you know! that was an impressive fall! I learned canter already, but can't jump! If you read my page 1 it's called "Phantom Horse =1" it's about a fall too. You may think it's wierd But I DIDN'T FALL YET!!!

Phantom Horse

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