Facing the Past

by Katie

Part 1

I tossed my bike on the ground, alongside many others. It was time for my weekly riding lesson, and I wanted to get a few minutes with Draco before I had to tack up. "Hercules, Charger, Town Crier, Lucky, Eagle Eye, Coyote... Draco!" I scanned stall name plates, finally ending on one belonging to a small Welsh Cob.

"Can I help you?" A red headed girl peeked out from behind the stall door.

"Who are you?" I asked, incredulously.

"Staci." The girl continued running her brush down Draco's furry back.

"Kaleb." I nodded in greeting, not moving.

"Excuse me? I believe you have my horse's bridle," Staci stuck out her hand.

"Um...this is Draco's bridle. Draco's Kandi's horse. Not yours." I closed my hand around the headstall.

"I'm Kandi's daughter. That's my bridle." Staci glared at me.

"Kandi doesn't have a daughter," I returned, sure of myself.

"Where have you been the past few months? Don't you know Kandi got... married? To a man with a child... me."

"Oh." I handed Staci Draco's bridle.

"Thank you," Staci said sarcastically. "Don't look at me that way. Trust me, I'd give anything for things not to be this way."

Me too, I added in my head, thinking of my dad.

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