by I love Theo

So one day I came to the barn for my lesson. I checked the pony/horse list to see which pony I was riding. So I was riding Doodlebug. Doodlebug is an annoying biting trouble making pony. I tacked him up only getting bitten a little, and went out to the arena.

When I tried to mount he was being a bug, but I go on him soon enough. Doodlebug loves to be bad. He was pulling going to fast and even bending his neck so he could bight my foot! He does this a lot.

My instructor had my lesson line up to canter one at a time. Doodle bug was being hard, annoying and frustrating. Everyone else did pretty well. Then when it was my turn I was kind of nervous. We started out well, but then Doodlebug started going crazy out of control!

I lost my right stirrup that wasn't a big deal but it didn't help. Then I started to slip to the right. I just kept slipping and slipping. I puled my right foot out of the stirrup. Then in a flash I was on my face on the ground! I did a faceplant of Doodlebug! It hurt a lot, my elbow was bleeding and my face hurt.

My dad helped clean me up. We bandaged up my elbow and cleaned all the dirt and sand off of my face elbows arms and hands. I took a small rest and then I went back to the ring and got back on Doodlebug. We trotted around the ring a little so that I won't be afraid to get back up on him again. You know the saying, "when you fall of a horse you get back on."

Then I led him back to his stall to untack him. I took off his tack and started to untack. Take of the saddle and pad off with the bridle. Then it was time to groom him it all went pretty well until hoof picking. When I tried to pick his front hooves he would try to bite me and when I did his back hooves he would really lift up his tail and try to hit me with it!


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Feb 01, 2017
by: MKrider

Alyssa the horse gentler has very good tips for you but I would also like to add something.

Doodlebug doesn't have much respect for his riders. Getting back on him was a great way to show him that he has to have respect for you and that you are the human. There comes a time when each horse needs to be shown who's boss.

Dec 02, 2014
by: Alyssa the horse gentler

Okay with that horse if you want to have better rides on him this is what you need to do... Get closer to him here are some things you can do!
1.Blow in his nose if he blows back you are friends! You can do this again and again every day!
2.Take a day and study him how he acts, runs and stuff like that!
3.Ask your trainer if you can ride bareback! (Do not be scared he can sense that be happy and ready for a ride!)

Nov 17, 2013
by: Kathy

that once almost happened to me! I was riding a school pony Twist, and at a jump I leaned a little two much forward and ended up doing side saddle on the neck/ face! I didn't fall, amazingly, and we were cantering.

Feb 16, 2013
I know the feeling
by: allie

wow, that must have felt really cruddy! I've been through the same thing with my horse! :)

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