by Horsey Girl

I am sooooooo horse crazy, why? Well, I started visiting my grand parents on their ranch when I was 9 or 10,one winter,(I was 11 years old)was when I met my BHPFL(best horse pal for life)Moon Dancer,he was 3 then,and he was scared of buckets, so I had to feed him by hand,and after that I realised that he was totaly, my life long buddy. I'd stand in his stall(standing stall)with him. He'd nuzzle me,and rub his face on me, and lick my hand. His favorit spot to be rubed is just under his eye, I'd rub him there, and every couple seconds he'd turn his head and I'd do the other side. Now he's 4, and he's matured soooo much. When my grandpa told me they were training him and that I could help,by ridding him, I was the happiest I'd ever been in my life!!!! I stayed there for a week in the summer to help out, it was the best week ever!!!!!! Unfortunatly, he lives 2 and a half-3 hours away, so I don't get to visit very often, but when I do, he's always the cleanest horse there, ofcourse he's always the most beautiful. He's a Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse palamino gelding, 4 years old, and about 15 hands high, he lives in a big feild with about 6 other horses.One day I plan on owning him.

My fondest time with him was this: We were standing in the sun together,my hand was on one of his cheeks and my cheek on the other(we were both facing the same way) and he'd rest his head on my shoulder. He's soooooo sweet,gentle andhe loves to cuddle. We share a special bond that will last a life time.

P.S. I am soooooo horse crazy,my room is all horse.I take horse back ridding lessons in my home town, and a good percent of the things I own have to do with HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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