Everything Horsey is Amazing!

I think that everything is amazing about horses. They all have different personalities(some cheeky, some intelligent, etc.) and capabilities.

Take, for instance, a thoroughbred. Built for racing, they can have strong and rough temperments. Whereas shire horses are sweet gentle giants.

I have rode about 4 really cheeky ponies for my riding lessons, and even though they were tough to ride, they all taught me different things.:) Like falling off on your bottom can hurt sometimes(lol!) and to ride a jump, you need to take it slowly, and not race at it. Like the saying, 'Even the greenest horse has something to teach the wisest rider.' I think that saying is really special and true.

Whenever i go to see a horse or pony, i do feel a litle scared around them sometimes, because they are unpredictable and strong. It seems that when i'm with a horse, they don't really seem to like me, and only want their owners, but sometimes it seems as if we just click. I find this feeling is like the BEST horsey feeling a horsey person can get!

I really hope to have a horse someday, because i love them SO much, and feel i am the world's B I G G E S T horse-lover!

Lots of horsey wishes,

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Aug 11, 2010
so true
by: Sydney

Every thing u said is soooooooooooooooooo...... true

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