Everything Equine: Different Riding Apparel

by Lizzie
(Cedarburg, WI, USA)

Hey Everyone, Have you guys ever wondered what the difference is between two similar pieces of riding apparel. Well that is what my article is about this time.

There are so many pieces of riding clothes that are practically the same. The first I'm going to talk about are breeches, jodhpurs, and riding tights. First off breeches tend to be shorter than jodhpurs and tights. They also are worn with tall hunt boots. Jodhpurs are longer than breeches and are worn with either jodhpur boots or paddock boots. They also might have foot keepers at the bottom. Lastly, riding tights are pretty much the same are jodhpurs except they won't have foot keepers.

Now all of these riding pants can be worn with any of the boots, hunt boots, jodhpur boots, or paddock boots. Hunt boots taller than the others and go up to your knees. I wear these boots because I like the way they help you grip the saddle. They only have laces at the ankle. You might also have to use boot hooks to get them on. Jodhpur and paddock boots are both shorter and only go up to the ankle but are more versatile than hunt boots and are easier to move your ankles in. They will have laces going up all the way to the top of the boot. They might also have a zipper instead or might just be pull ons. I recommend starting out using paddock boots because you can move a lot easier in them but it's your choice.

There are way more types of riding clothes than this but I'm not going to bore you with all the details.

Be sure to catch the next edition of Everything Equine.

Jump Out, Lizzie

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