Eventing Dreams: The Perfect Horse (Book 1)

by Heartbeat for Horses

Chapter One

Hallie Smith hurried into the barn Saturday morning for her weekly lesson.

She grabbed a grooming box and headed down the long barn interior towards her usual mount, Griffin.

"Good morning, buddy!" She said as she let herself into his stall. He lifted his head and nickered softly in her direction.

"Let's get you cleaned up," she said and began currying his soft bay coat.

"Good morning, Hallie. Did you not look at the board this morning?" Hallie's trainer, Joanne Johnson asked.

Hallie looked up. "What do you mean? I always ride Griffin so I never check anymore." She said confused.

"You're riding our new horse Spartan today." Joanne pointed towards a stall a few yards away. "His grooming box is beside his stall." She said and started out of the barn.

"Well, I guess I'm not riding you today, sweetie." She said giving Griffin a kiss on the nose. She left the stall and started towards Spartan.

He was a tall bay, thoroughbred gelding with a single snip on his soft pink nose.

"Hey there, Spartan." Hallie said softly and slid open the stall door. His soft brown eyes and kind face melted her heart. "Let's get you cleaned up," she said softly and began grooming him. Every second she groomed him the more love she felt for him.

"Ready to go riding?" She asked him fifteen minutes later. She led him from his stall and exited the barn. She tightened her girth, lengthened her stirrups and mounted.

She entered the arena and walked him a few laps so they could get used to each other then she asked him for the trot. He tossed his head but kept walking.

"C'mon Spartan!" She clucked and asked again.

After a couple more minutes, he finally broke into a trot. But all the work getting him to trot was worth it in the end. His trot was soft and flowing as if he wasn't even touching the ground.

"Good boy!" She grinned and patted his neck.

"You're going to have to work a bit harder to get Spartan to listen to you than Griffin. He's much younger and greener." Joanne called as she entered the arena. "Why don't you take him over the trot poles to get him listening to you better?" She said moving into the center.

"Okay." Hallie responded turning Spartan down the center line towards the red trot poles. "Good boy Spartan!" Hallie encouraged as he stepped over the poles.

"Good. Now go over those again but add in those two little cross-rails." Joanne said and pointed to the small jumps.

Hallie trotted him over the poles and turned him to the cross-rails. They popped over them with ease.

"Very nice. Now go ahead and ask him for the canter." Joanne called.

Hallie squeezed him into a canter. It didn't take long for Spartan to jump into a nice ground covering gait.

"This horse is amazing!" Hallie thought to herself. She loved him already.

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Jul 12, 2017
No bother😊
by: claudiahorselovr

That's good. In that case, amazing story! Please write more!

Jul 11, 2017
Thank you!
by: Heartbeat for horses

Thank you everyone, I'm so glad you like it!

I'm sorry I haven't written another chapter. I've been preparing for a horse show and been on vacations and such. I will be writing another soon!

I will next week if I get time but I will be back into writing regularly after the 22nd! Look out for more chapters.

Thank you for all the advice and support!

Jul 06, 2017
by: Horselover13

Please write more, I really am enjoying the story.

Jun 26, 2017
by: Heartbeat for horses

I'm not trying to copy in anyway. I've actually never seen or read Heartland. I actually got the name from one of the horses at the barn I ride at. Thanks for trying to keep this site safe though! :)

Jun 24, 2017
by: Amy

I really like your writing, and I'm looking forward to Chapter 2!

Jun 23, 2017
great! but...
by: claudiahorselovr

It's such a good start, and its very original, but please don't copy from books, movies, and tv shows. I noticed the horse's name was Spartan, the same name from the horse from Heartland. Its such a good story, please don't ruin it! Other than that, its off to a good start, and I cant wait for more!

Jun 22, 2017
Chapter 2 please!
by: hoofbeats

This is really good! Please write more!

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