eris and shadow forever

by ashley

eris raised her head hopefully she had heard a twig snapping she had not heard a sign of life since her father kicked her out of the herd for secretly seeing a young colt named shadow he had long denied her of and out of grief she told shadow to leave and never come back me did not argue but turned around and walked away and eris was so angry she did not notice a tear running down his face.eris turned around hoping to see a stallion coming to lead her away from this place but he did not come instead she heard a low growl that had nothing to do with her hunger she know what it was now a mountain lion all she could do was run so she turned and ran an fast as she could but she felt it closing in on her when she heard a fierce nicker she braved a look behind her and recognized the black muscular stallion. he was on his hind lags flailing his hoofs at the mountain lion who know it had met its match and retreted back in to the forest as the stallion turned to her shadow i cant belive you came back after all the things i said to you said eris how could i not mi corason

to be continued

the last words in spanish

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Mar 29, 2012
by: Katie

nice story! I think whatever you decide would be fine. :) one thing, it would be great if u included some more punctuation because it is kind of hard to follow otherwise. :)

May 24, 2009
a few changes
by: ashley

this is Ashley here would any one mind if i change there names too cyanthia pronounced SIN-thee-uh

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