Equus-Ghostus - Ghosliepine

by What They Call Me
(Milky Way Galaxy)

This is a whole new series of ancient horse myths, called Equus-Ghostus.

Ghosliepine, a ghost horse, would be ridden by
Eqquuss Karnitot, a mythical ghost boy.
This horse is always tacked with an ancient saddle, called Seddlen, and an ancient bridle called Blliiddenn. Workers, also known as "Kimplechogotinemik" (workers of Ghosliepine and Eqquuss) would go out into the wilderness and bring Eqquuss an animal, and use it's bones to make tack, crowns, and Eqquussplatieriesmychtionalimonaltiorlkrt (Horseshoes).

Eqqas, Eqquuss' father, owned several different Ghost Horses (Equus-Ghostus). One of them is Eqquuss' horse Ghosliepine. She has 9 legs and a ghost like horse body. She has a mane of flames and a tail of metal. Anyone can come near her, but she will look like a normal horse, a paint horse infact. She still lives today, so if you ever see a paint horse with dark bay spots, say, Ghosliepine.

If she does nothing, it's not her. Is she turns her head, it is her. Once you know it is her, say, Eqquuss. She will turn into the real mythical Ghosliepine, but she will not hurt you. Instead, she will grant one wish.

Thank you for reading this! Tell me if you find her.

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Jul 23, 2011
by: ranchgirl

That would be cool if a horse could do that. I'm going to try it. Good idea!

Jul 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

my paint mare has dark bay spots and........AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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