Equine Horsey Edits

by Ashleigh, Chelsea, Emma & Angel
(Blackburn, UK)

The Code to Life - Just a little edit to go with the text :) xx

The Code to Life - Just a little edit to go with the text :) xx

Hey there :)

Well just to start this off, my name is Ashleigh and me and some friends have created a horse editing account on Facebook. Its the first time were doing something like this, but not having much luck at the moment /:

We're all HORSE Crazy and own our own horses! Except from Chelsea. The other girls who help with this account are called Emma & Angel. We have some slight problems as we don't get on Facebook as much as we would like to /:

Anyway.. We've made this account so all you Horsey people can get your pictures edited for FREE! And I said already its our first time and some of them do turn out wrong, but we are getting there!

So if you were interested and you got one that turned out a little wrong - Many apologies to you! But we try to make them as Fantastic as possible.

All you have to do once added is: Upload the picture/pictures you want us to edit on to our wall! with some information about you and your horse; Like how long you've been together, dates, etc.(: And we shall TRY our VERY BEST to SURPRISE you!!:D♥ - If you add and you don't like what you see, that's fine too :) we all have opinions and we are more than happy to accept them :)

We do not tolerate any bad language on our wall, comments etc. If you are spotted by us.. we will have to remove - its only fair.

We look forward to hearing from you all, (if you're interested) and by the way you can inbox anytime and we'll be happy to help! - Just be patient as I said we don't get on that much :( that's about it really -


Thanks, Much love to you all & your horses :)

P.S if you don't own horses, you can still add! Don't worry about it :)

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